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That Taub chap is talented. Might have him knock me up a suit…..


Gieves and Hawkes for me. Most creative and practical.

Matt S

Based on what I’ve seen Davide Taub make for you, I wasn’t surprised to find that his ended up being my favourite. He really knows how to create an interesting and practical garment. Fashion designers could learn a lot from him. He can create an interesting and unique garment and still create something elegant that flatters the human form.


Huntsman for me, just the right mix of traditional with a little flair. Like what Davide did at Gieves, he’s very talented, but too modern for my taste.


The Davide Taub jacket is amazing. The bib is genius.

Rob Fletcher

Great film Simon. Thanks for posting it. It’s got to be the Gieves & Hawkes offering for me. The classic ethos of function guiding form, but not compromising it. Surely what the Row is famous for.


Great video! The Gieves version is a technical tour de force. Dege’s would be the most comfortable on a long journey (and has an air of Blofeld from James Bond). Poole’s has practicality and traditonal elegance. Roubi greedily did two and neither was relevant.

Only pity is they didn’t ask more firms to do a version!

Michael Smith

Although Taube is brilliant, I thought the detailing was a touch over complicated , I was surprised to like Poole the best.


Agree wholly with Matt B , Taub could teach a thing or two to the ‘fashion industry’.
Functional , stylish and classic jacket.
Also more videos please , Simon.
On a side note , I was astonished at reading the credits that it was all filmed on a iPhone 6.


Taube’s was it. Dege and Skinner a close second.

Poole’s and Huntsman’s did little for me.


Dege and Skinner for me; individuality, practicality & finish details alongside the direct ‘cultural’ references to the brand. Poole’s for that wonderful cashmere Donegal. Gieves was too fussy for me and Huntsman did nothing at all.


A wonderful film – thanks for sharing it. I loved Davide’s offering. It just says ‘Bentley’ very subtly without being obvious – mainly through the quilting on the bib and the shoulder. Quite stunning.

Marina Kim

Hi. First of all, brilliant film, Simon!
I am probably one of the few women who follow your blog with keen interest. As such, I am in favour of the Huntsman’s “His and Hers” (or rather Hers) flamboyant design! Love the flare and elegance, traditional silhouette and contemporary pattern.
The inventiveness of the Gieves and Hawkes is really something special. They made the suite sexy, embedded in tradition of bespoke sportswear, harmoniously combining colours and textures – great! Not sure about the bib though. It is either missing out on some more functional details or is superfluous all together…
Henry Poole’s elegance is magnificent. Pitty, there is no lady’s option… If there were, they would be my choice to go to.
Dege & Skinner is a little too austere for me. Perfectly reasonable, yes, but this is Bentley after all!


Definitely the Taub for G&H; not only looks great but also most functional. He’s quite a talent.


For me the Gieves and Hawkes jacket just comes out top. It is, for me, as stated in the video, a superb combination of beauty and function with a clever colour combination. A very close second is the Dege & Skinner jacket. The cloth, in particular, is inspired and the understated use of subtle detailing very sophisticated. Unfortunately, I felt, it just lacked the elegant lines of the G&H jacket. As for the other two jackets; the Henry Poole jacket was too understated in my opinion, although I liked the use of a Donegal weave, a favourite of mine and lastly, the printed silk designs, of Huntsman, were bright and lively and an amusing touch.


Another vote for the G&H jacket, with Huntsman not far behind. The Henry Poole is also very nice but afraid the Dege & Skinner jacket does nothing for me, sorry!


Ours (Dege & Skinner) was made by bespoke cutter Tristan Thorne and coat maker Sarah Massey following their visit to Bentley’s factory in Crewe, Inspired by the visit, they’ve bought back some nifty handcraft techniques for leatherwork on Savile Row.

nick inkster

Excellent idea!

I have been on a tour of the Bentley plant in Crewe and immediately see the Gieves design as being most connected to the marque, with Dege coming a close second as it has the slightly louche personality of the Bentley of old ( not the current footballer GT though).

I ordered an Aston a few years back and watched it being made at their plant in Gaydon; perhaps more handwork than in a Bentley overall, so Simon your next challenge must therefore be to suggest who would make for them.


Such a pity that neither Anderson & Sheppard nor Chittleborough & Morgan were at the Washington exhibition. They should have been there. They must have had their reasons….


Gieves & Hawkes for me. How creative!

Brenda Kilgour

Methinks you cats are being a little harsh toward the fine folks at Huntsman. That is one gorgeously cut jacket and waistcoat. All the others feel a bit fiddly, like something Tom Cruise would wear in a Mission: Impossible sequel.