10 most rakish men simon crompton  

Nice to be included in The Rake Japan’s list of the 10 most Rakish men in the world, and alongside some lovely company. 

As ever, the Japan arm of the magazine is particularly geeky, and concentrated on accessories, collections and cloths in the interview.

I’m wearing:

  • Liverano & Liverano jacket in vintage purple flannel
  • Chittleborough & Morgan charcoal trousers
  • Luca Avitabile linen shirt
  • Drake’s navy tie
  • Simonnot-Godard pale-blue handkerchief
  • Gaziano & Girling dark-brown alligator shoes (benchmade on my bespoke last)
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso watch in yellow gold with a plum-coloured ostrich strap

I will do a fuller piece on the Liverano jacket at some point using these photos that Mark Cho took, as I realise I’ve never done anything in detail about it. 

10 most rakish men ethan newton 10 most rakish men mark cho 10 most rakish men george wang

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Nice look.
Could you say a bit more about the ‘benchmade on a bespoke last’ G&Gs? Are these a step down from bespoke, and therefore cheaper? What’s the difference – mainly finishing?


That strikes me as an excellent (and cost effective?) way of getting those shoes that you know you won’t very often, but still need – like patent evening shoes.

Lloyd Blankfein

In my opinion, George is by far the most elegant man among all.

Paul W.

So great to see Ethan Newton recognized as well.

Nik Ismail almurtadza

I too would like to know more about your bench made croc shoes.


David Craggs

The L&L jacket provoked me to think about colour.
Normally I’m quite reserved – blue and grey being my standards but I’ve been branching out a bit lately. A&S cords in lilac and a cord suit with a golden brown hue being two examples.
That said, would I go this fare? Simon looks good in it but without being facetious, I think that the fact that he’s bald helps. I’ve got shocking white hair and I fear that the two in such close proximity may make me look like a game show host.


You’re the only one that stands out as rakish Simon. No disrespect to the others but they sport a look visible in any major world city…

facebook_Calle Melin.609383855

I like your trousers. What kind of wool is it? I am thinking about getting a pair of grey flannel trousers that are not mid-grey. I would like something to wear with a midgrey jacket and the contrast is too small if I use midgrey trousers. Would you buy a darker grey (charcoal) or a paler grey?

facebook_Calle Melin.609383855

Thanks. I see that you are wearing dark brown shoes. I very much prefer brown shoes to black but have usually thought that you should wear black with charcoal.

Nick Inkster

Dark brown, be it chestnut, mahogany etc, and charcoal, particularly flannels rather than worsteds, is about as classic as it gets, when worn with odd trousers. Harder, yes, with a suit, but not as impossible as suggested here. Further, black shoes and a casual rig just don’t go together at all in my view. The French, though, make a charcoal flannel suit with black suede shoes look rather good.

facebook_Greg Lellouche.10153144180251720

Well deserved!