Permanent Style, Shibumi and Bennett Winch at Vestrucci

Tuesday, December 26th 2017
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For all those coming to Pitti in January, there will be a display of some Permanent Style products at Sartoria Vestrucci on the Thursday, followed by drinks. 

Luca Avitabile will be there, offering wholesale on the Friday Polos, and I will be helping him out (hopefully wearing a new Vestrucci flannel suit...). 

We will be joined by Benedikt from Shibumi (whose handkerchiefs Vestrucci carries) and by the guys from Bennett Winch, who will be showing the Suit Carrier-Holdall we launched last month

If anyone hasn't seen these things in person, please come down and have a look. The drinks should be nice too. 

Date: Thursday, January 11th

Time: Showing from 3pm, Drinks from 5pm

Location: Sartoria Vestrucci, Via Maggio 58, Florence