New pop-up shop – with Bryceland’s, Optimo and more

Monday, January 7th 2019
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I'm very happy to say that Permanent Style Presents will be back for another opening at the end of February.

The pop-up shop, now its fourth incarnation, will be on Savile Row for two weeks from February 19th.

We will be featuring largely new brands, with Graham from Optimo hats in Chicago there in Week 1 (pictured above), and Ethan from Bryceland's in Week 2 (pictured below).

Joshua Ellis will also be there in the first week, showing their scarf range, and of course Permanent Style and J.Girdwood will be alongside them all.

Other brands, largely flying in from overseas, will be announced in the coming weeks.

Week 1 will be February 19-February 23, and Week 2 February 26 to March 2 (both Tuesday to Saturday).

As ever, the aim of Permanent Style Presents is to bring in brands we love that don't have a retail outlet in London, helping create awareness through shared space.

In other words, it's a great opportunity to come see those things you've been obsessing about online, and at the least find out what size you are, if not buy on the spot.

We will be in the same shop as our second incarnation, number 27 Savile Row. An opening party and special reader event will also be announced soon.

Looking forward to you there.

Simon and James


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As a matter of fact (I live in Sweden) will I visit London during the end of the second week. I will unfortunately miss Optimo (I am very interested and will probably not visit Chicago in the foreseeable future). But it would be great to see what you will have on the second week.


Yes, it was very nice to talk to you.

Paul F

Good to hear! What will Ethan bring? I’d be interested to try the rayon shirts, denim jacket and their leather jacket collaboration with Himel Bros.
Interesting opportunity ahead, thanks for hosting Simon!


Great news. Do we need to book time slots to see Graham or any of the others?


Google maps tells the world that 27 Savile Row is the police station.
Are you going for perhaps a bondage theme?


The pop-up idea was nice but has become too frequent to make it special…


I enjoyed the pop up you had in Fortnums so will try my best to come to this one.

Off topic but are you doing an end of year awards again?

Peter O

Dear Simon,

Since you mentioned Optima again, I checked its website. If I understand correctly, Mr Thompson sells his very beautiful hats on the southwest periphery of “Downtown” – that is the name of the center of Chicago, also named the Loop because of the circular route of the elevated streetcar system around the center of the city. (Note the word city means all Chicago.) But according to Optimo the hat factory on the Far SW Side (100 blocks south, 20 blocks west)
isn’t open to the public. I have never been to that part of Chicago. Lock advertises a machine with a strange name to avoid what Mr Thompson refers to as the wrong oval. It seems to Mr Thompson was extraordinarily lucky and indeed manufactures exquisite hats. Chicago can be very proud of its presumably suburban native Graham Thompson, who sotospeak sits on the shoulders of Johnny Tyus.



Splendid news, as always. But tough to swing through as I live in Los Angeles.

What’s the downside of setting up a pop-up e-commerce store? This could be a chance to expand on the succesful limited retail you already run through while also trying out new point-of-sales on friendly platforms like Instagram.

As you’re already fluent in e-commerce, and with the cost of operating a minimal digital shop during pop-up low, the potential upside seems rather large (expanded sales, further global reach, test new e-platforms, tease a new angle for press, etc). What’s to stop you? Certainly your non UK friends would benefit greatly.


Reading about Ethan and Brycelands in the latest edition of The Rake was a special treat in an already superb issue.


How would you rate Joshua Ellis compared to Begg and others mentioned previously here on PS?



For a classic cashmere scarf, would you go for Joshua Ellis (£119) or Begg (£250), given the huge difference in price?

I have a Begg Arran in Flannel Gray, which has worn out and I’m looking to replace. Its been great, and held up well for a Cashmere piece worn so frequently (most cold days) – but I am a little concerned that while Begg is great for its unique designs (wispys etc), it isn’t actually any better for the more standard scarves and you pay a big price premium for it.

I’ve never seen a Joshua Ellis scarf in person, but from what I’ve read I’m leaning the way of getting one so very excited to finally see them at the pop-up!

Noah Winslow

Are the dates for Week 2 correct? I ask since March 6th is a Wednesday, not Saturday. I’d love to try and come down from Edinburgh for this, just want to nail down the dates though!


Thought for a moment that Ethan was going to be in London during my kids’ half-term. Serious deliberations whether to cancel planned holiday over possible pilgrimage to Japan. Glad to see there is no clash. Look forward to meeting you both.


Will it be possible to try and buy the Bridge Coat at the pop-up? Any social event in week 2?