Pre-order for the Cashmere Crewneck and Cashmere Rugby

Wednesday, March 13th 2024
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The pre-order window for our most popular product last year - the Cashmere Crewneck - and my personal favourite - the Cashmere Rugby - opens today. 

The point of the pre-order is to make sure no one misses out on them - as some did last year - and to offer a broader range of both colours and sizes than we can normally afford. Anyone that always complains we don't do XXL, this is your chance! 

There will then be a standard restock of both products in the Autumn. These will only be for the regular sizes, however, and in a reduced number of colours.

For the pre-order colours, we are both expanding in new directions and bringing back old favourites. So for the Cashmere Rugby, we are offering all three colours that have been available in the past - navy, grey and brown - plus a new colour, Natural. 

This latter is a lovely beige that fits perfectly into the ‘cold colour’ wardrobe theme. It's a light brown but subtle, cold and with a touch of grey, making it a great match for something like black as well as the more standard charcoal or navy. 

We called it Natural because it's close to a natural shade of the cashmere fibre - and actually, that's another angle with a lot of these shades of brown: they feel both more sophisticated and easier to wear when they are more natural, closer to the fleece itself. 

That's the natural shown above, worn with my black Bryceland’s jeans. 

This colour of the Cashmere Rugby will also be stocked in the Autumn, along with the navy and the grey, but the dark brown will not. So as with pre-orders in the past, this is your only chance to get that old-season colour. 

The dark brown last year was chosen for similar reasons to the Natural, the shade being subtler, cooler and perhaps smarter than most. 

For the popular Cashmere Crewneck, we're adding a whole range of colours, but only dark navy will be added to the Autumn stock, alongside the existing flannel grey.

The other new colours are charcoal and - a left-field choice for PS - lavender. 

We looked at quite a few more interesting, brighter colours for this pre-order, but found we were rather limited by the yarn. The reds were a little too scarlet, the blues too aquamarine, the yellows too acidic.  

The only one we really loved was this lavender, and I’ve liked it more and more as I’ve worn it in recent weeks. 

Mostly that's because it's so versatile - that old PS chestnut. It's interesting and different, but also works with both blue and black jeans, grey flannels and navy. 

In the first image above you can see it with my black Bryceland’s jeans again, and the slightly washed colour of them is really nice against that powdery lavender. 

It’s a rather different look to the second image, which is preppier. A blue-and-white striped oxford shirt, blue jeans, and somewhere down below, some penny loafers. 

I think both are really nice, if rather different aesthetics. The lavender can then also be smarter with a simple white shirt and grey flannels, for instance. 

The other colours are a charcoal, which I’ve shown below with a dark-brown suede jacket, and the dark navy. No one needs any suggestions on how to wear these, but the navy is what you’d hope for - satisfyingly dark, what you could call menswear navy. 

The pre-order for these two pieces, in a total of seven colours, starts today and will last for three weeks, until April 3rd. Our order will then be placed and delivery is expected in October. Right for when it starts to get proper chilly. 

As the amounts are lower than the previous pieces we’ve offered for pre-order (the Donegal and the Indulgent Cardigan), we ask for the total amount now. As with those other pre-orders, returns and exchanges are also not possible, but hopefully most people have a decent idea of their size now. If they don’t, please let us know and we can give some advice. 

The sizes available will run from XXS to XXXL. There is a new size chart on the shop page, so you can see how those bigger and smaller ones compare. 

All of the pieces will also be on display in the pop-up shop in London next week, running from March 20-23, so you have a chance to see the colours in person. We won’t have sizes in both, as the Cashmere Crewneck is sold out, but for the Rugby we’ll have a few, hopefully XS to L. 

Any other questions, please let me know. 

And now, I will attempt to summarise the two products, why I like them and why we offer them. This always feels like a little bare bones to me, so if you want to read the full reasons behind each, do have a look at the launch articles - here for the Cashmere Crewneck, here for the Rugby. 

The Cashmere Rugby

This was driven by two things. Firstly, falling in love with four-ply cashmere, a quality no one really sells anymore (it’s not considered commercial, too much cashmere in there) and secondly, a desire to create a really versatile knit, that elevates anything from tailored trousers to sweatpants.

  • Called the ‘Rugby’ because the density of the cashmere is similar to how good quality rugby shirts are compared to regular cotton. Plus the collar of course.
  • Made in Scotland with four-ply cashmere, 15 gauge and high tension. Creates a really luxurious feel and a winter warmth. 
  • Easy to pull on at the weekend with jeans, but also dresses up an office outfit.
  • Designed with a slightly higher neck at the back, and classic body fit
  • Comes up a little small in the sizing - I wear a Large rather than his regular medium

The Cashmere Crewneck

The Cashmere Crewneck is much more of a standard piece of knitwear, but one that is surprisingly difficult to find in a Scottish make - Italian knits, which use a lower tension and therefore less cashmere - are more common. Originally offered in just a mid-grey flannel because that particular colour wasn’t available, the design has also been changed from the standard to give it a slightly longer sleeve, a higher neck and a single cuff.

  • A classic and a piece that was really missing in my wardrobe. I wear it on its own but also frequently as a piece underneath coats, jackets and overshirts
  • Very versatile, like the Rugby, and wearable with both jeans and tailored trousers
  • Now expanded into the four colours listed above

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Thanks Simon. Just preordered a charcoal while wearing your flannel grey crewneck.

Both the dk brown and natural colors are beautiful. Please consider both of those for the cashmere crewnecks next year!

Guy W

I second that, I was hoping for the crewneck in both the natural and dark brown. Cheers!


Would natural also go with dark brown and cream trousers? Thanks


Hey Simon,
Out of Natural or the Grey rugby, which one you think goes better with a black leather jacket or black in general?


Looks great! I am sorely tempted by the lavender, been thinking about something like that for years. Only thing giving me pause is that the main way I would want to wear it, with a white shirt underneath, is so hopelessly out of fashion. However, the shot with the black jeans look great too …
One question, what is the weight of the 2 designs?


Softer yes, not sure if less unfashionable. Then again that only matters so much.
The weights of the finished (medium) garments yes. In my personal experience anyway, weight has been a much better indicator (in addition to photos of course) of how a sweater feels, and how I end up using it it, than descriptors like heavy, chunky, or x ply.


That would be great, thanks!


That’s helpful yes thanks! And for the record it was within 10% of what I expected based on the descriptions, but it’s good to have confirmation.
I went to order the lilac one just now but the sizing chart threw me off. I take a medium in Luca Faloni and large in Colhays. In PS finest knitwear i usually take large or sometimes medium. Medium in in PS shirts.
But based on the sizing chart i should take a small in the PS crewneck which seems suspicious to me. Based on your answer further down the thread it seems like you recommend to match Colhays size and ignore the chart?

Tommy Mack

Absolutely love my grey cashmere Rugby ordered at your last London pop up. Would heartily recommend!

I’ll try and swing by to say hi at the next pop up.

Tommy Mack

Also appreciate you pushing the boat out a little with the new lilac. It can be difficult to find unusual colours that are still versatile to wear.

I’m thinking of the many jumpers and polos that I loved in the shop/online and ended up passing on to charity after finding I never wore them. Of course these sort of missteps are all a learning experience and this was in my bargain-obsessive days so it didn’t break the bank!


Would be great to have natural and brown in the crewneck style. But I quite like this preorder system, just need to check the sleeve length of the crewneck.
Also, will the scarves be restocked in the autumn? Any plans for new cloth developments?


Hi Simon. Could the size chart be expressed in cm also ? Of course converting from inches is trivial but having the direct measurement in cm woul certainly be safer.


I see there is a sizing chart in cm but some or the measurements don’t seem to translate accurately.
For example the chest on a large crewneck is 23″ but 57 cm?


Simon – How would you compare the sizing of the cashmere crewneck to that of Luca Faloni and Colhays? The PS medium actually seems quite big based on the chest measurement, so I am wondering whether I should size down to a small. For what it’s worth, the Colhays crewneck in medium fits well but is snug.

Like you, I actually preferred the medium over the large in Colhays despite the latter technically being more my size based on measurements — for some reason, the large felt a little big around the waist and in the arms.
Perhaps you could also provide a cross shoulder measurement for the PS crewneck in medium? I plan to order three in the pre-order, so I really want to get the sizing right.
Thank you!


From the measurements I think a medium would be more like a 42 in Colhays (40 is usually a small in most Scottish makers).


Hi Simon,
Slightly off topic if you don’t mind, but still knitwear associated – I have a few Rubato jumpers now and they’re great but I can see myself overheating in them as the temperature climbs up.
Do you have any suggestions for a similar cut of jumper in a fabric for milder weather? I hate working up a sweat in layers when it’s not as cold as I assumed.


Hiya Simon,
Excellent, colour me intrigued. I’ll hold out for those.
Are you at liberty to provide any more details on them? I’d certainly love a grey, navy, natural (akin to the cashmere colour above) and a brown.


The New Anthology cotton with long sleeves are very good, I have the same problem with cashmere, and wool, when the temprature rise, and I find them close in style to the Rubato sweaters. Nice colors too – and a price I find very ok even with the tax and import duty.


Last summer Speciale in Portobello Road had some lovely cotton jumpers with a similar cut to the Rubato ones. At the moment their website is displaying cashmere jumpers but I presume they will be selling the cotton ones once we (hopefully) start having some warmer weather.


Great looking sweaters, but actually more interested in the suede jacket you’re wearing in the top photo. Where’s that from? Thanks


Hi Simon. Placed my XXXL order. Thanks for listening.


Hello Simon,
it seems like the sizing on the cashmere crewneck was changed slightly (by 0.5 inches) compared to what it was before – if I am not mistaken. As a reference it has always been very helpful to know which size you are wearing, so would you be so kind to let me know which size you wear in the new photos.
Wishing you all the best from Vienna, Sebastian


Thank you, Simon. May I ask which size you would recommend if your Cashmere Rugby is a great fit for me in the XL size – do you think I should go with a Medium or a Large for the Cashmere Crewneck? Sebastian


Thank you for your help, Simon. I just placed my order and am looking forward to the other garments/restocks. Sebastian


Glad to hear you made that small change! I also found the previous version pretty much perfect except for a little tight in the chest. Glad PS is here to make these tiny changes for those of us who are overly particular about these things


Hi Simon, I see the measurement chart has been revised back to last year’s chest measurements. Didn’t you say you made them a bit larger this time around?

Ian skelly

Any plans to do the natural in crew / v neck ? Looks lovely ps a nice light pink would be nice too!

Mustafa Hirji

Hi Simon, I’d like some advice on sizing for the Cashmere Crewneck (sold out on me every time it has previously been offered). A size small has worked well for several of you knits in the past (Cashmere Rugby, Dartmoor, finest knitwear) though I’ve needed to go to XS for the Indulgent Cardigan (way big in size small).
The posted sizes for the Small in the Cashmere Crewneck (21 in chest, 20.75 sleeve) is between an M and an L for the Rugby in chest, and larger than any rugby for the sleeve. So I’m very confused which sizing I should be choosing for the Cashmere Crewneck. Your advice on how it compares to other PS sizing would be most appreciated.

Mustafa Hirji

Thanks Simon. Sorry, I think I may have confused you. A small in the Rugby does actually fit me well, and small has been the right size for most of your other knitwear (Dartmoor, finest cardigan, finest polo), with the exception of the Indulgent Cardigan (needed to go down to XS there).
Given the Rugby fits small, and size small fits me well in the Rugby, I might want to go to XS in the Crewneck. But to get some additional data points, does the Crewneck fit similar to other knitwear you’ve offered? E.g. how does it compare to the indulgent cardigan, or the finest cardigan/polo? Thanks.


Hi Simon,

Are these sweaters designed to be worn with high-rise trousers?


Do you think the length of these could be altered? When compared with knitwear from rubato and stoffa this seems a bit longer in body length and sleeve length.


Lovely sweaters, but I wouldn’t go near a plate of spaghetti in such precious, fine threads.
Give me a “Shaggy Dog” from J.Press, in a darker hue, and then bring on the sauce-heavy meals, the dripping coffee cups, etc.


Ha, ha, ha!
Very funny.

Though, there is something to be said — in my opinion — for nice looking, yet functional clothing.
You know this better than me with all your tweeds and Barbours, etc.
The cashmere, I feel, is almost too delicate to leave the house in… like wearing a Fabergé egg.
I guess it depends on what we generally do during the day. Me, on my days off, I do lots of walking in all sorts of weather, so I’m fond of heavy sweaters, nice boots, flannel shirts and so on.

Zach S

Damn those colours make that jumper look more tempting.
Although, not that it’s a size I’d be buying, but the size guide for the crewneck lists xxs but the drop-down doesn’t show it. Is this intended?


I’ve never known anyone who starts a sentence with the word “damn”..

Zach S

Probably not a lot of time spent around young people then? It’s certainly not something I’d write in an essay or formal letter (especially with the lack of punctuation), but expressing my reaction/interest on a blog hardly seems the end of the world.


Zach not meant in any way as a criticism, but more of a surprise owing to its novelty. Mid 30’s London living as I am, I’ve never heard it.


Nice Simon, very very nice. The lavender was a cool surprise I have to say, can see some guys (yourself included) making that look very cool.

Preorder for a charcoal crew was placed immediately, can’t wait until the colder weather rolls around now!


Wonderful choice of colours, especially the ‘natural’ option – very Rubato!

Would love to see the crewneck in a dark, cold olive another year.

Will the upcoming cotton crewneck be available within the pre-order timeframe for the cashmere crewneck/Rugby? I can only really stretch to one new piece of knitwear, and am very keen to see that. In particular, is it a casual piece i.e. can be worn with jeans? Or just for tailored trousers?

And well done on the lilac – we all need our boundaries pushed every so often!


Thanks Simon. Casual enough to wear with PS shorts? Was thinking of the navy version to go with my khaki and olive versions.


Hello Simon

Considering buying a rugby, but never had a sweater like it before. How would you say it functions different than your dartmoor polo?

Also, would you wear it under outerwear long your herringbone donegal and pieces like your connolly suede overshirt/rlph suede harrington?


Hi Simon.
In the article you say there is an XXS size but in the shop the smallest size is XS. Could you please clarify which is correct.
Thanks L


Don’t worry Simon. The issue is with the link in the article to the shop which only shows XS as the smallest size but if you don’t use the link and go to the shop the XXS size comes up. Hope that makes sense.
Thanks L


Nice colour selection! I second the natural colour for the crewneck on a potential next round of pre-orders.
Regarding size, I’m looking at the chart and judging by the chest measurement, it looks like XL is right for me but I was wondering if the body tapers significantly going down to the waist. I’m asking because for similar cashmere crewnecks from brands like William Lockie, the XL chest measurement is right but it’s too tight around the belly. I realize it is a lot to ask but asking anyway; is there a way to have measurement for natural waist for this item?
Thanks Simon and keep up the good work!


That’s good to know. Thanks for checking Simon. I will wait for waist measurement before placing an order then.


Hi Simon, the new colors look fantastic and I’m planning on pre-ordering the crewneck and/or the rugby. This might be a silly question, but I was just wondering at what temperatures would either be useful without an outerwear layer? I understand that it largely has to do with how your body deals with heat/cold but I’m quite the amateur when it comes to cold weather clothing given that its hot 12 months of the year where I live. Thank you!


No worries Simon, I expected as such. Hah that’s a great question. I do travel to Europe and colder countries several times a year for work, and I usually just don a fleece in the fall when need be. But I’ve been wanting knitwear that’s more sophisticated perhaps, or something more suitable for work/going out in the evening than a regular patagonia fleece, and the crewneck/rugby seem appropriate


Simon, is the crewneck two-ply? (I assume so since you stated in response to an earlier question that the weight’s much lighter than the four-ply rugby) Cheers.


Is the XXL size listed at 23.5 inches on the chest, the same as the 46 size that Crabtree normally produce in their RTW or is it slightly bigger?

Need to know as the 46 rtw size is a bit too tight for me


Hi Simon,
I’m confused by the sizing of the crewneck as do other readers. Based only on measurements it seems like I should go with an S. However, I have an M on the Rugby, the Dartmoor, Finest polo and PS T-shirts. I only have an S on the indulgent cardigan (based on your recommendation at the time, which worked well). All of these Ms have the same or smaller chest widths than the crewneck. Wouldn’t an M be too baggy in the chest? Should I downsize to S on the cashmere crewneck?
Apologies for the question but as this is a pre-order with no possibility of return I’d like to get the size right.


Hi Simon
Lovely additions to the range!
But I’m confused on the sizing. I’m 6’2, 32 inch waist. 40 inch chest but that doesn’t seem to relate the to sizing chart? I like my sweaters relatively slim fit – what size would you recommend? And for future ref. is there a link to an explanation of the sizing chart and how that works – what the measurements are and how we can measure ourselves (from wht point to what point exactly) to make sure we get it right? Many thanks.


Thanks so much. One final question – I’m trying to take the measurement for U/ARM to make sure the sleeves are long enough: where should I be measuring this to and from exactly? Many thanks.


Has the design/pattern of the Cashmere Crewneck been updated? Is the neck higher when compared to the earlier grey color? How does the height of the neck compare to the Finest Crewneck? Also, how does the length of the ribbed collar compare to that of the Finest Crewneck?

My observations: From the images the ribbed collar of Cashmere Crewneck feels longer in comparison to Finest Crewneck. However, the Finest Crewneck’s collar seems to sit higher than the Cashmere Crewneck. But, I could be absolutely wrong here.


Simon, great article as always. In another note when do the PSxWhitcomb&Shaftesbury shorts will become available? Thx Henry


Do you wear a Rugby polo during Spring? I wore mine to work today and I am about to boil

Joe P

Hi Simon, have you kept the pre-order window open for these a little longer? It still seems to be possible to place one. I’ve spent much of the last week deliberating whether to pull the trigger on the crewneck and wondering if there’s still time…

Lucas Nicholson

Hello Joe

The official date of the preorder closing was last Friday, however I am still sorting the order so if the product is still live it is possible to order, the products will probably be taken down in the next 24 hrs.

Best Lucas