A day at the anglers’ club, Key Largo

Esquire, February 1937: “Mr Fellows says it’s Key Largo. The dock says Key Largo but the background says Cat Cay. So you can take your chance, as you probably will anyway.

The outfit on the left is very smart and highly recommended for general horsing around at tropical resorts and even for posing with a fish pole, but it is not recommended for more than the first five minutes of fighting a really big fish. It consists of the now very popular bush shirt, gabardine shorts, Norwegian leather peasant slippers and a Jippi Jappa hat.

The other outfit, of linen beach slacks, blue canvas shoes with yellow crepe soles, crew neck lightweight wool shirt and white duck cap with green underbrim is better for actual fishing. It’s also perfectly okay for wear to the beach. Both outfits are socially correct and this is a very handsome picture indeed and we would like it even better if there were some guides on that big game fishing rod.”

Struggling for inspiration here, but I do like the idea of yellow crepe soles and a Jippi Jappa hat.
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Edison Lee

i’d prefer the one on the left 🙂

Laguna Beach Trad

“Norwegian leather peasant slippers”

LOL!! I think he means ,loafers or ,Weejuns.