Something we predicted a year ago

Esquire, March 1935: “In the March issue for 1934, we introduced the black Homburg to this country. We said then that it was an established English tradition, having already enjoyed, at that time, a London run of about a year. It is only within the last couple of months, however, that this hat has been seen in noticeable numbers around New York, but its popularity is now showing almost daily growth.

The suit is another London favourite (as witness all the new pictures of the Duke of Kent) its two distinguishing features being the long lapel roll to the bottom button and the two seven-inch side vents. This one is in dark grey flannel with a white chalk stripe.

The rest of the outfit consists of a blue checked madras soft shirt with white starched cuffs, a starched collar and a black foulard tie with white polka dots, black blucher shoes, a single-breasted blue topcoat and fawn coloured gloves.”

Well, I’ve tried a Homburg and frankly it’s too much in a city where so few men where any kind of hat. A trilby or fedora is better suited and I’ll stick to my grey and brown Voyagers from Lock’s. However, I love the combination of blue (not navy, note) topcoat and fawn gloves. As if I’m not excited enough about winter as it is.