Cifonelli of Paris makes some of the most beautiful tailoring I’ve ever seen. I thought a post, therefore, on the details of a jacket rather than me rambling on about the technical stuff. Above, the broad lapel of the double-breasted, with gorgeous double-sewn lapel buttonhole. Its raised nature make it an impractical thing, but nonetheless beautiful for it.

Why do English patch pockets frequently have so little curve and character?

The signature brown horn button, polished on the rim and matte on the insideLapped shoulder (and in the background, back) seamLabel and pocket flap with handsewn buttonholeSilk lining and handwork around the inbreast pocketSignature ‘C’ on the buggy lining, attaching the two sides across the backBeautifully attached lining panel over inside ventCuff buttonholes, with those buttons and that patch pocket