Pino Luciano

In my report on Pitti Uomo for Essence magazine I examine the manufacturers – such as Begg, Merola and Bresciani – that are becoming brands in their own right. Read it here.

Pictured: Pino Luciano of Neapolitan tailors Orazio Luciano. It’s also interesting how bespoke makers such as Luciano and Salvatore Piccolo are shifting towards RTW, and the influence their bespoke background has on it.

Image: Luke Carby

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Hopefully this does not arrive too late for you to pose a question to Merola at Pitti.

I am in pursuit of some of these gloves and you have already provided me some shops that you say sell them. However, this is not the case. Some dont stock them whilst others stock only 1 or 2 styles (this incldues Mr Porter).

Why oh why are these gloves not readily avaiable on the market? I purchased some a few years ago in very soft brown leather with red cashmere lining. The detail i liked the most about them is that there was no gusset running down the side of the fingers. Therefore the gloves look more sleek and, for my short fingers, make them appear longer.

I emailed Merola and that advised me that they only sell to retailers that order a minimum of i think it was 50 pairs!

They are missing out on a HUGE opportunity here. Why dont they start a website selling these like Madova do?

I just cant get my head around this short mindedness.

Any feedback would be appreciated


Alfred Ng

Simon, first just to say I very much enjoy your website, and thanks for sharing what you do. I have a simple – and maybe silly – question: how do you pack for something like Pitti, how much luggage does that involve?