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Can you give us a more detailed view of how you tied the belt at the back of your raincoat? It’s a little hard to see in the picture but it looks like a method I’ve seen before in which the belt is tied with a loose four-in-hand knot. I tried it on my Belstaff Roadmaster but it looked a bit funny; perhaps because the jacket is shorter and the belt hangs down too far?

Oliver Gibson

Great look Simon and an amazing photo from Luke.

Tim Hardy

Hermes always does it for me and also sets the standard we all like to work to – such class.


Would dark green be a suitable colour for a suit?
If green is the ‘third colour”, green suits should be much more common than brown or tan.

Sir Fopling Flutter

What’s wrong with green hats? A Tyrolean hat can look very smart.


The coat is a bit short but the overall look is fine. Nice to see a hat worn with a raincoat.


Simon, I’m considering the Voyager from Locke and a similar model from the the Italian hat maker Stoffa that’s significantly less expensive. Are you familar with Stoffa hats?


I gather you’ve been very pleased with the Voyager in terms of design and quality?


Good. I really like the idea of a felt hat that can be rolled up or folded and that retains its shape. I do like the look of the Voyager or Traveller hat.


Hi Simon,

With the weather now turning marginally warmer and blustery as we get into spring I am in the market for a raincoat. Have you ever featured the Hermes raincoat above? From the back at least it looks very good indeed.