Shantung tie Orazio Luciano
Dark green is a subtle and versatile tie colour. You’re not surprised I think that, right? After all I sing the praises of green at every opportunity. But broad truths bear repeating. With an outfit like the one above, navy would be the safe choice, the classic choice. Grey might work equally as well. But better would be green: just as subtle, but far more interesting.

The club stripe makes it pair easily with an odd jacket (less formal than a dot or any small, repeating pattern) and the shantung silk adds even greater depth. Deep red is also a great club-stripe colour, but it works best with mid-greys, where green goes with navy, grey or (here) tan.

Shantung, by the way, is one of the few materials other than knitted or unlined wool that works with denim. This example is from Shibumi.

Jackets in the background from Orazio Luciano. Photo, Luke Carby.