Wear a jacket

Monday, August 14th 2017
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Dressing well becomes a matter of habit, over the years. You get used to wearing long socks, or high trousers, or being draped in slightly heavier cloth.

But these habits have to be instilled.

One I find most powerful to instil, through conscious repetition, is wearing a jacket - inside ideally, but at least outside.

A jacket has the capacity to sculpt and flatter you, to create an idealised silhouette (whatever that ideal might be) by shaping the shoulder and slimming the waist.

It will always look better than just a shirt, which comfort requires to be a little loose; and whose lack of structure means it will always be rumpled, never sharp or clean.

Wearing a jacket just makes you look better. Yet how many fail to put one on when popping out to get lunch?

It is laziness or forgetfulness: unthinking actions that can really only be fixed by establishment of habit.

Even if it’s freezing outside, you will often see people scampering out of their offices and across the road in just a shirt.

It might be raining, but they’ll gladly get wet rather than put on a jacket and take an umbrella.

What hope, then, of suggesting someone should wear a jacket inside? Perhaps not when sitting at the desk for hours on end, but when walking around the office, or going to a meeting.

People buy better, smarter clothes when they want to give the impression of seriousness and often seniority.

There’s no more powerful way to do that than to wear a jacket, and no point in owning one if it’s never put on.

A jacket doesn’t need to mean formality, either. Wear a Boglioli cotton jacket with jeans and an open-necked shirt - it’s still better than just a shirt.

Better still, of course, is to wear a tailored (even bespoke) jacket in a cotton, cotton/linen/silk mix, or perhaps cashmere. Over denim, chinos, or flannels. With a good-looking shoe.

All will raise you up - make you look put together.

As in the opposite of random.

Force yourself to always wear a jacket when going outside. Have it hanging conveniently nearby, if not worn already. Make that tiny effort to put it on, even if you’re late.

And do it until it becomes habit.


Photography: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man.

Of friends and some attendees (largely jacketed) at the opening of our Pop-up Shop this past Spring.