The Style Lookbook

Monday, March 12th 2018
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This was an idea that a reader suggested to me a few months ago. (Readers are the best...)

It's called The Lookbook, and it's a collection of all of my outfits from the past 10 years of Permanent Style. 

One hundred and sixty-five outfits, all with titles indicating an interesting aspect of them, and linked to the post in which they appeared. 

There are double-breasted suits, sports jackets, coats and knitwear; for summer, winter, rain and shine. Smart outfits and casual outfits, classic combinations and unusual ones. 

You can scroll through them all, and refer back whenever you want. 

And of course new outfits will be added constantly, every time a new one is featured on the main site. 

The page is here, and it is also in the Style menu of the site's navigation bar.

It was fun going back through the archive and collecting the images together. There were many I'd forgotten.

It made me realise how often I wear green ties, how little I wear white shirts, and how many of my favourites feature A&S double-breasted suits. 

I hope you enjoy the Lookbook, and find it useful.