Video: How to pack a suitcase

Friday, July 26th 2019
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For most people, the main problem with packing is fitting everything in. If you're carrying a suit, however, you're also faced with the trickier problem of avoiding creasing.

I've long used a technique that involves wrapping jackets and trousers around things in the suitcase, to avoid hard folds.

It's not complicated, but it's also not easy to explain in words. Also not easy to describe is to how to fold a jacket inside out - again to avoid creases, but also to expose the lining of the jacket (which can be replaced) rather than the exterior cloth.

So I decided to create this short video demonstrating these points, as well as a few other little pieces of advice.



Among key points mentioned are:

  • Put travel shoe tress inside your shoes; or failing that, socks and underwear
  • Turn shoe bags inside out to avoid seams scratching the patina
  • Pack heavy items like shoes at the sides of the case
  • Turn a jacket inside out, to avoid any damage to the outside
  • Place it half inside the case, to fold around everything else at the end
  • Do the same with trousers, protruding from the opposite side of the case
  • Fold shirts simply in thirds; don't bother with stiffening collar bands
  • Carry a thin sweater and scarf to help deal with fluctuations in weather
  • Carry a tie and handkerchief to deal with different events
  • Fold a tie simply into quarters - or place inside a cardboard slip case if delicate

Thank you to Tusting bags for supporting the video and supplying the bags shown.

You can see more videos in this practical series here:

In the video I am wearing:

And I am packing:

  • Belgravia loafers by Edward Green
  • Jacket by Eduardo de Simone in vintage cashmere
  • Trousers from Cerrato in Fox Brothers flannel
  • Shirts in 'Everyday Denim' and Thomas Mason Indiolino
  • 'Finest Knitwear; from Permanent Style
  • Cashmere scarf from Begg & Co
  • Wool knit tie from Bigi via Trunk Clothiers
  • Drake's wool/silk handkerchief