Video: Maintaining and caring for your suit

Friday, November 9th 2018
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The Campaign for Wool recently asked me to help them with a series of videos educating people on caring for wool products.

Chaired by HRH Prince Charles, the Campaign is a charity that communicates how environmentally friendly and sustainable wool is (particularly compared to plastics).

Wool Week took place last month, with a stand in Covent Garden showing how wool can be washed and deal with stains. I spoke for a while on stage, as well as Patrick Grant, Jeremy Hackett and others.

You can read about the Campaign and wool's attributes here.



Our plan in the series is to cover different aspects of caring, cleaning and repairing - of both tailoring and knitwear.

The first, above, was filmed at Henry Poole a few weeks ago. There is a fair amount of overlap with the video we did with Richard Anderson a few years ago, but beyond this the films will cover new territory.

As ever, comments and questions welcome below.