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Saturday, May 22nd 2021
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We deployed a new comments interface last night on Permanent Style, with the aim of adding useful functionality.

The new system allows:

Posting of images in comments

These should appear as thumbnails in your comment, once the image is uploaded and we have published the comment. The image can then be enlarged by clicking on it. This will save readers having to post images elsewhere, for example on Flickr, and then linking to them. And make all points easier to illustrate.

Pinning of comments

The PS editorial team will now be able to 'pin' some comments, and their replies, so they always appear at the top of the feed. If readers ask particularly useful questions, or there is an update contained in a comment, we will pin them so that any new readers don't miss them. Do feel free to suggest pins yourself.

Resorting comments

Comments can now be resorted, so the newest appear top rather than the oldest. If you are revisiting a post with a lot of comments, this may well save time.

Better subscriptions

You can now receive alerts when someone replies to your comment, rather than only all new comments on the article. Either or. There is a section to do so at the top of the comments section - called 'Subscribe' - and an option to sign-up to replies when you leave a comment. Hopefully that will make it easier to follow discussions without your Inbox being flooded.


I'm sure there will be teething problems with these changes, even though they have been thoroughly tested. Please do let us know what you spot, and we will fix them ASAP.

Do also shout if you have any other suggestions - all these changes were built on previous reader requests. We haven't, so far, been able to add rating systems for each comment, however. And the signing-in options with social media are being added later. Anything else, please say.

Thank you


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Nice functionality. Spotted one issue: when, in the main page or the “All Comments” page, I click on one of the comments, the link takes me to the top of the article where the comment was made, but not to the comment I clicked on itself (as it did before).


Nice update Simon. I see there are also new formatting options like:

  • bullet points


And quotes

Regarding new functionality, I would like tags for the lookbook, so if I want to find say linen shirts or summer outfits I can filter by that.


Nice update
You could add the function of liking comments, but not sure if that is quite what your going for.


Also, the comment won’t go through unless the name is in two separate parts

CS won’t work

C S will



Adding images could be really handy – be good for readers to attach their own images of products from makers you review for comparison, stuff like that.


I think these are some great additions. My personal two cents (pence?) would be to avoid a rating system altogether. On one hand, when done right in a good community it can be helpful; on the other, it’s really refreshing to have at least one message board that isn’t dominated by the subtle tension of “thumbs up/down”, “like/dislike”, “up/downvote”. Don’t know if people agree or not — ironically, this is the ideal type of comment for a rating system.


My concern too. The ratings work with social media sites, where posters can tot up who loves them; here, where the content itself is central, one doesn’t want to see angling for popularity. If someone has something to say about a comment, they of course should be able to do that, as they can now.


I completely agree. I enjoy not having the pressure of likes or dislikes—and the concomitant groupthink that can come with it. This lets comments stand on their own, for readers to assess them on their own. (As Dante said, the irony of this comment benefiting from likes and dislikes is not lost.)


Not sure If I approve that email address is needed to be honest! I think I (in principle) shall be Anon henceforth


A nice update, Simon. Have your team given any consideration to hosting a reader discussion forum? I’ve not found a menswear forum that I like elsewhere.

On another note, do any readers know where one might find RTW trousers with medium to high rise (not ghurka style) chinos for ideally under £150? I’m loath to spend more on trousers while having a one and four year old to crawl about after.


Nothing in terms of functionality, but I’ve not found the content of the posts or threads to be as insightful as the comments which readers leave here. Perhaps a PS reader group on Facebook would suffice.


Guillaume, you should check out Natalino for the trousers. They have a very good product for the price point.

Hopefully you find what you’re looking for there.


I had a rather odd issue when clicking through to this page from a comment in the “other threads” section at the bottom of this morning’s chino post: the link took me to the comments area on this page, but with a “your comment is awaiting moderation” popup which wouldn’t close. At that point I hadn’t posted a comment! Navigating directly to this page from the site front page worked fine. Mobile Safari on iPhone, iOS 14.5.1.


That fixed the problem but, thanks to the very brute force option on iOS which clears the cache, nuked my browsing history as well. Nut <- Sledgehammer springs to mind…


Ironically, it works just fine on my main machine (a mac running Big Sur latest patch) without having to bother with clearing the cache. Go figure.


I was having exactly the same issue as Paul, but your suggestion has worked for me Simon.


Same issue here. Not sure what clearing the cache means.


Thanks. Got it .


Hi Simon, some points/observations for your consderation:

1. It would be nice to have a comment box at the end of the last comment, to allow me to post a new comment and not a reply. I ended up having to scroll all the way up to post this.

2. Whenever i click the latest threads at the home page, the notif that my “comment is awaiting moderation” pops up, even if I didnt post anything. It dosnt even properly redirect to the latest thread.



Well if the purpose is to post a comment, then a jump back link would be superfluous? because then anyone who wanted to post a comment would have to click twice, the jump back link then the comment box. Plus if they click the jump back link then maybe they would get lost as to what they wanted to say since their new comment was related to, but not a reply to the most bottom comment, if that makes sense.


I meant that

clicking a link > being jumped back to the top > clicking the comment box

Would have more steps than simply clicking a comment box at the bottom of the thread.

Just trying to share my thoughts here Simon I hope I dont sound hostile haha


Thank Simon!


So, I write my comments in “notes” on my iPad so I can easily edit them. And sometimes, I write something that I let sit and decide it’s not worthy of posting – a bit of a process, but okay as I only post on PS and not frequently (although apparently a lot this week!). 

I format with a space between paragraphs because I think it’s easier to read. When I cut and paste it in the new comment box, it appears with a double space between paragraphs, so I clean it up in the box. Then, when it actually posts, there is no space between paragraphs. Not really a big deal, but go figure….

This time, I’ll just leave it alone and see what transpires. 


Thx. I left it alone and it looks fine on my iPad screen.


I’d love to have a functionality that allows me to find all the comments that have been left in certain period of time (a day, a week, maybe a month). It would allow me to follow the discussions without checking the site several times a day.


On the whole site. What do you mean by “here”?


Found it, sorry for being that stupid.


Any chance of a Facebook type edit function, Simon? You have an erudite following and some of us would like to correct typos or improve the way we’ve said something.

Tommy Mack

Can we add avatar photos/images to our posts? Everyone except Simon is a blank face at the moment.


Is it possible to edit or delete a comment? I misstakenly wrote my full name in the comments, which I do not prefer to do.


I remember seeing a page where you can see all new comments from all posts.
May you link it?