There are people who like to picnic

May 1933. “Mr Fellows can draw people on picnics as often as he likes. The only thing we resent is when he draws men looking happy on picnics. Nor will we refuse to pass along the word, furnished by our fashion scouts, that picnicking is on the increase as a social pastime. We do reserve the right to report it with the exact degree of enthusiasm with which we should report an increase in cholera. Anyway, this is supposed to be about the clothes.

The man on the left wears a cheviot tweed jacket with slanting pockets and side vents, in a small checked pattern that is popular now in unusual colourings. The Saxony flannel trousers match the colour combination, but not the pattern, of the jacket. A knitted cardigan, a flannel shirt, bow tie, blucher suede shoes and pork pie hat complete the outfit.

On the right is a tweed knicker suit worn with a cable-stitch sweater, monk-front shoes and a shepherd check cap.”

I think I’d like a tweed jacket with a small checked pattern in an unusual colouring. What do you reckon? Purple?
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I’d like to see this picture in color.
Do you know the name of the artist? I love his drawings!

Arctic Penguin

I’m becoming addicted to tweed, in that it makes a great variety of odd jackets, which I’m coming to prefer as a way of retaining a smart appearance without the severity or the stifling sense that wearing a suit can sometimes bring.