Coral at the courts

Esquire, February 1942:
“While our friend intently watches the tennis exhibitions at Nassau, let us in turn gaze at him. The Bahamanian Coral shade of the slacks, worn in an authentic setting by this spectator, was inspired by the colour of a certain coral in this part of the world. They may be of linen, other washable or rayon-blend fabric. Such slacks need a neutraliser, and the smart choice here is the natural shade jacket with gilt buttons and centre-vented back.

A printed foulard handkerchief flutters from the chest pocket. His sandune and harbour blue knitted lisle pull-over is topped by a printed foulard scarf, and his Silver Palm hat carries the sandune puggree. The blue buckskin shoes with white welt and grey rubber soles happen to be favoured by the Duke of Windsor. That, plus the contrast with the sandune socks and Bahamanian Coral slacks make the shoes a good choice. They’re comfortable, too.”

Right, never going to wear coral but I do like cotton trousers in a strong blue from time to time, and the authors at Esquire make a good point about balancing or neutralising that strenth of hue. I’ll skip past the sweater and scarf, just to say that I do like that hat. A nice casual alternative to a white Panama.