We’ve had so many requests for the Permanent Style Tweed that it has become economic to weave a sample length.

You can see the cloth here – it has turned out as I expected, which is a relief, with variation both in the tone of the grey and created by the bracken woven in. At a distance, it is simply a mid-grey with some nice surface detail. Up close you can see the colours and the broad herringbone pattern is almost indiscernible.

All orders for the tweed must be in by January 10, which is when Breanish‘s weavers are back at their stations and will begin work on this cloth. If there are enough orders after this date, however, we will look at a second run.

There are swatches of the tweed available now, requested by emailing Iain at [email protected] and in the US through Jodek at [email protected]. Graham Browne in London also has a couple of swatches, so feel free to pop in there for a look. Obviously time is running short for receiving a swatch and putting in an order by January 10 though.

More information available on the Permanent Style Tweed and Breanish at the links above.
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Rob O

Looks fantastic. Have sent Iain a mail. Do Graham Browne do a reasonably priced cut make trim service by the way? I have a couple of lengths of London Lounge fabric that require tailoring as well. – Rob


Hello Simon, fantastic blog. I like it a lot. Discovered it a few days ago and learning a lot. Many thanks for writing it!

Was interested in this tweed and, as I am based in NY, checked with Jodek for a sample, but doesn’t look like they have any available yet. Was emailed that they hope to get a swatch in like 2/3 weeks.

You have January 10th deadline for orders, is this correct?

Thanks again

James Marwood

I just received my sample and it is lovely, much lighter in colour than the picture above. It’s also softer than I was expecting, more so than my other tweed coat.

The herringbone pattern is very subtle, only visible close up, but does add to the visual texture at distance. I’ve uploaded a different pic to http://cl.ly/D7gX – with some plain white paper and a black leather background to give a better idea of the colour.

What is everyone else planning to have made? I suspect that like most I’m planning a jacket from this to go with jeans, cords & casual trousers for the weekend or less dressy office days. I was tempted to go for a suit, but then I spend this months budget on a 3 piece in Marling & Evans cashmere in the Graham Browne sale – http://cl.ly/D7Wo.

Rob, when I spoke to Graham Browne about the tweed they thought £300-350 to make the jacket up, which with the cost of the fabric puts it around £700.

Simon, many thanks for arranging this. It’s great fun, lovely material and the folks at Breanish are a delight to deal with.


i am sold

james- I was planning to make a classic 2 button soft blazer with patch pockets but from what your describing its very suitable for a full suit. i’ve ordered 15m so will wait and see.. exciting

Rob O

Thanks for the pics James. That cashmere looks amazing. I haven’t yet received my sample but as with you I’m thinking about an SB two button patchpocket soft fitting jacket for jeans and a t shirt. Thanks for the price estimate from
GB, that makes the whole venture very affordable.

James Marwood

Jimmy – I must admit I was tempted with the suit idea. Perhaps next autumn I may see about getting another of their tweeds in a suit.

Rob O – I’m expecting to see a bunch of these on the racks awaiting fittings at GB in the weeks to come 🙂


how much

Richard T

H Simon,

Are there any plans for another run of PS tweed?

Richard T

Thanks, Simon. Definitely of interest.