We’ve had so many requests for the Permanent Style Tweed that it has become economic to weave a sample length.

You can see the cloth here – it has turned out as I expected, which is a relief, with variation both in the tone of the grey and created by the bracken woven in. At a distance, it is simply a mid-grey with some nice surface detail. Up close you can see the colours and the broad herringbone pattern is almost indiscernible.

All orders for the tweed must be in by January 10, which is when Breanish‘s weavers are back at their stations and will begin work on this cloth. If there are enough orders after this date, however, we will look at a second run.

There are swatches of the tweed available now, requested by emailing Iain at [email protected] and in the US through Jodek at [email protected] Graham Browne in London also has a couple of swatches, so feel free to pop in there for a look. Obviously time is running short for receiving a swatch and putting in an order by January 10 though.

More information available on the Permanent Style Tweed and Breanish at the links above.