There are many badly dressed people at Pitti. There are also people like Luca Rubinacci, Lino Ieluzzi, Ignatious Joseph and others – one-man brands – that benefitted hugely from being shot by Scott Schuman and need to be there to maintain that profile. 

But there is also no other place in the world where you get such a concentration of sartorially inspired clothing. There are only ever a handful of people whose looks I would adopt wholesale, but on the other hand almost everyone has some little thing I admire. I like the blue textures and how well they go with the mid-brown gloves in the picture above, for example.

I collect photos from Pitti, as well as from the Armoury and other blogs, on my Pinterest board. It is more for my own recollection that anything else – each has a little note on it to remind me of what I liked about the outfit. But readers might also find it interesting, so I mention it here. I only use one board, Permanent Style.