The second part of the feature that the Spanish version of How to Spend It ran on me and Luca Rubinacci has just come out. In the article, Luca picks out three Rubinacci outfits that display his unique take on colour and texture – reproduced here.

I wouldn’t wear any of them as a whole but, as I explained in my Pinterest post, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to take away from each one.

In the top combination, for example, I love the dark red chinos with the glen check jacket – though the knit tie that echoes without replicating the trousers is needed to pull it together. I’d wear brown, not blue slip-ons.

I’m sensing a theme here. Again, it’s the combination of pale blue chinos and purple linen jacket. Knit tie helps anchor the two. I seem to wear grey flannels or jeans so much these days with jackets that it’s nice to have different suggestions.

Love the colour of the suit. I’d tone down everything else, and have dark brown buttons, but as a summer colour that wool is beautiful. Note the broad waistband with double-button closure that Rubinacci now does as standard. Also, the Rubinacci hanks that go so well with every outfit, due to their variety of colour and softness in cream, orange and blue.

Fuera de Serie piece on me here.