I adore the A/W photo shoot for Drake’s, shown here. Such vivid colour combinations.


It reminds me of a post I wrote almost four years ago now about my favourite early photos on The Sartorialist, called ‘Casual and formal wear are closer than you think‘.

There are some things I would change about the post now (like the man with the green scarf) but the point remains about inspiration drawn from both casual and formal wear. Sometimes fans of sartorial clothing can get stuck in minutiae and  historical references. It does us good to spread our gaze a little wider.

Below, my favourite ever Sartorialist photo, for just that reason.


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On a similar theme what is your opinion of the current trend of buttoning the top button on casusal shirts when a tie is not worn?

I find it diffcult to believe that men are happy to do this and look like their mother dresses!


Amazing pictures!
However, the link to the old post doesn’t work. I only get:
“You do not have permission to preview drafts.”


Living throughout America and London, I must say that the line between casual and formal are miles apart. Simon, I think you would be aghast to live in most parts of this country, where sports gear can be worn practically to any location, at any time. Hopefully the rest of the globe doesn’t follow America on this trend!


Love the web site’s new look!
I have a question for you.
I recently purchased a knitted silk tie and for some reason, I just can’t get the knot right.
I’m aiming for the classic 4-in-hand, but the knot is just too big and bulky.