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As regular readers will know, the Anderson & Sheppard haberdashery launched by Anda Rowland and Audie Charles on Clifford Street is one of my favourite shops in London. Possibly the best single shop to open in whole 8 years this blog has been running. 

Now, for the first time,the 70% of people that read this blog outside the UK can also shop there, as they have just opened an online store. You will be able to find many of the accessories I have written about, as well as that slim-fitting knitwear. It’s also good value for money in my book – I particularly recommend the Shetland and lambswool knitwear (£195 and £140 respectively). 

The site had one or two glitches early on, but now seems to working well. And it briefly went down last night with a rush of initial traffic, so clearly some regular customers have been eagerly awaiting this moment. 

Check it out at