Corthay shoe polishing

Last month was our biggest ever on Permanent Style, with just over 330,000 pageviews on the site. Of course, numbers only mean so much – it is the quality of the readers that counts. So I’d like to say thank you to every last, beautiful one of you. Everyone that reads, shares, stops me in the street, and writes delightful messages of their own. You make it all worthwhile.  

Image: boot polishing at Corthay, London

Photograph: Luke Carby

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Keep up the great work Simon! Your blog has single-handedly revolutionized my style and changed my wardrobe for the better!


Congratulations, Simon! Essential reading.


I think you are aided both by your continued investment in the nascent topics that allow you to stand out among other menswear blogs as well as your continued commitment to the format instead of converting yourself into a store with occasional editorial present as approximately 99% of similar blogs appear to have done. Please do keep up your commitment to the format because it is vanishing faster that I could have imagined, and of course, keep up the good work.


And kudos to you as those collaborations are mostly of the highest quality or at least something that you will wear.

Contrary to what have been constantly spouted on SF I have always found your opinions forthright and impartial.

Which is so refreshing.


I was lucky enough to find your blog back in 2009 when you did a posting about a visit to A&S. Permanent Style has become a staple in my style diet ever since! You’ve retained a certain objectivity and consistency which is difficult to achieve whilst trying to ensure that the blog itself evolves and stays relevant. Not an easy thing to do but, judging by your following, you are succeeding. Congratulations.


Would love to see more on the tailors who don’t employ teams of PR people! Stupidly neglected by most style writers and publications: Davies & Son, Dege & Skinner, Welsh & Jefferies, Meyer & Mortimer, Benson & Clegg, Stowers, Byrne & Burge. Have you ever written about Edward Sexton? Surely you have? Bespoke commissions or not, it would be great to see more features on these smaller firms, both old and new.

Maybe more depth on the state of London’s bespoke shirtmakers? Time permitting!