It feels great to say it: Permanent Style 2015 is now live, and ready to buy. You can place orders here

I know the first few have already gone, to some inquisitive readers who were searching around the Hanger Project site (who are doing all fulfilment and distribution), but there are still plenty left. 

A few details:

  • The book costs £29 or $45
  • There is distribution in both the UK and US, so if you are in either country the shipping will be at local cost ($7). This is listed as a ‘promotional rate’ under Shipping Method
  • Elsewhere in the world, it will be at a $20 international rate, but the system will work out the cheapest country to ship from
  • Shipping all the US copies is slightly delayed but you can buy now before stock runs out. US customers will have theirs shipped in 10 days
  • The book is limited to 2000 hand-numbered copies; there will be no more. And 500 have already gone to various stores and brand shops around the world
  • It is 180 pages long, is printed on thick, art paper and is magazine-sized. It was designed and printed in London
  • The book is divided into five sections, representing the best of factory visits, style, bespoke projects, reader questions and ready-to-wear brands. Each contains photos that never appeared on the website, along with explanatory captions. You can see more of the content here


Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 16.30.34

And those shops around the world where you can see a hard copy are:

  • New York: Paul Stuart, Leffot, The Armoury
  • Beijing: Brio
  • Shanghai: GMT (pop-up shop, now closed)
  • Hong Kong: The Armoury
  • Melbourne: Double Monk
  • Singapore: Kevin Seah
  • Madrid: Sastreria Langa
  • Naples: Sartoria Caliendo
  • Milan: Vitale Barberis Canonico showroom, Ferdinando Caraceni
  • Florence: Stefano Bemer
  • Hannover: Michael Jondral
  • Reykjavik: Eggert
  • Paris: Camps de Luca, Charvet
  • London: Anderson & Sheppard, Gieves & Hawkes, Globe-Trotter, Cleverley, Budd, Levi’s, Cordings, Foster’s, Trunk Clothiers 

Any questions let me know. Really hoping you like it as much as I do

Permanent Style book annualPermanent Style book 2015Permanent Style book

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Ken Yearwood

Trying to place an order on their website however it won’t let me continue without a US state being added, given I have entered UK as the delivery address I have been somewhat snookered!

Ken Yearwood

On entering as a guest to place an order, one is presented with a form to complete the bill address, in the form there is a drop down box entitled “State/Province” which is a mandatory field and mark with an *. Unfortunately with out selecting a US Sate or Province (i.e Alabama, New York, Idio etc..) one is unable to complete the order. So if you are based in the US it’s fine but for people outside the US will have trouble. I have spoken with Marisa and she said she had received other orders without any problems. So it may be because I am using a Safari browser or perhaps because I checked out as a “guest” rather than registering, but then I am just summonsing.

Ken Yearwood

Phoned, very helpful, order placed, and they are looking into the website error.

Kirby Allison

Ken – make sure that the correct country is selected, which would eliminate the need for a state. We’ve had a bunch of UK orders already, so it shouldn’t be an issue. If you are tring to use PayPal, maybe try using a credit card instead.

Ken Yearwood

Thanks Kirby, I did indeed select United Kingdom (honestly I am not quite that silly 🙂 ). If you let me know your email address I can send you a screen shot.


Will Kevin Seah in Singapore sell copies?


Thanks for the reply! Can I check how long the book takes to ship out? Actually ordered a copy 3 days ago and it still hasn’t shipped. Is this usual?


ordered, but would be great if you had the option to pay in stirling, i hate the exchange rate my bank gives me on card transactions

Kirby Allison

Jamie – we’re working on this, but it takes forever to open a bank account in the UK! Hoping to have open soon.


Just bought our copy for 10 Savile Row in London, exciting times and good luck with the launch


Credit card payment was rejected, while paypal worked fine. Not sure what the issue is…

Kirby Allison

Sorry, Mike, but glad PayPal worked. Maybe a fraud alert issue because we’re processing from the United States at the moment.


Simon. Nowhere in the city.

Malcolm Howells

Thanks Simon
Payment made, book ordered and order accepted. It was an estimated process.
Good luck with this.

David Craggs

Dear Simon,
Tried to order from this site but I’m afraid it defeated me.
There was no promotional code for reduced delivery and they tried to stiff me with some bizarre number.

Kirby Allison

Hi David – I’m really sorry about this. No promotional code should be required for the shipping rates. If you want to just place your order and email us, I can adjust the shipping through a refund. Sometimes PayPal can be tricky. -Kirby

Rob Fletcher

No problems for me ordering at all. Country=UK. State/Province=Surrey. Postcode and PayPal payment. All done in less than two mins. Suspect they’ve ironed out the bugs mentioned in earlier posts. Very much looking forward to the delivery. Glad I was on the ball as suspect these will fly Simon. Good luck with all

Malcolm Howells

I got to that point but a drop down menu allowed me to put UK into selected country and it was plain sailing after that.

Gerald Wallette

Moments ago, I succeeded in placing my order from Abuja, Nigeria, using a local charge card, requesting delivery here. Everything went very smoothly.

Simon, you’ve become the bane of my existence. As an elderly, former clothes horse, I thought my days of serious dressing were over. You’re causing me to re-visit that position. Thanks!!! I think!!!


Simon. Why don’t you ask Mark in Crowes to carry a few. That would be a great City venue for you if they would play ball …


Congratulations Simon! The book looks fantastic and I’ve just ordered my copy – looking forward to getting it.


Would we available on the shelf in Dubai? Kinokuniya by any chance?

David Craggs

Dear Simon,
Mission accomplished.
It may be worth mentioning that book buyers should avoid the shipment estimate step that is chronologically before the checkout because I think pressing on this negates the special shipment rate.

John Vesey

Dear Simon,

I bought your new book via The Hanger Project. Thank you for giving directions and I am looking forward to reading your latest thoughts.



I hear the centrefold is J. Adler: is this true?

Nik Ismail almurtadza

I am interested to know more about the bespoke Levi’s jean.How do I go about if I am to place an order.Please give me some guidance.



Hi Simon,

Just a quick question on fabrics – what are the pros/cons of worsted flannel weighing 7-10oz? Will it work for a suit, or better left for jackets?


I bought mine on Thursday morning using PayPal. No problems…. Look forward to getting it.


I will of course be purchasing a copy but i am disappointed with your patronage to the USA when the book was designed and printed in London – but then shipped to the USA for selling particularly given the issues with the ordering that seems to be occurring, (i have experienced this on many USA websites as they do not seem to recognise that there is another world outside of the US)! This was surely a bad plan, unpatriotic and against all sustainability!



Congratulations on the book. Will this be something you will be doing every few years?

Just placed an order to be shipped to my cousin in the UK. Really hoping it arrives before the 23rd this month as he will be leaving the UK to come back home (Malaysia) on that date


Just ordered two copies with shipping for Denmark. No problems with ordering, paid with paypal.
Now I just look forward to receiving them.


Never underestimate the curiosity, interest and buying power of your African readers and market.



Hi Simon congratulations on your book, from what I can tell from the pictures posted your passion for beautiful products and craft are present in every picture, that is why
I would really like to purchase the book. But the problem is I live in Copenhagen so if I have to buy it on Hangerprojects site, the price of the book will double when it reach Copenhagen because of tax (annoying country sometimes 😀 )
Should I call Trunk to see if they could help me or is there any other way around it?
Best regards



I’m very much looking forward to reading my copy once it arrives. Are you planning on traveling here to the States in 2015? I’d like to have you sign my book.

An event at Leffot or Paul Stuart would be really nice. I live in Washington, DC but with some planning I’d be happy to come up. Both shops are challenging to my wallet, but what would life be without a little danger.


It’s beautifully designed, congratulations! Well done to Mr Carby and Egelnick + Webb also…

Malcolm Howells

I am thoroughly enjoying my Permanent Style Book 491/2000. It lifts already fascinating blog information and insight to a higher level; the detail, the photographs, the way it flows, the focus on key players in what helps to make style so fascinating, have all made this a brilliant read and reference book. Thank you.
I have skimmed it from start to finish and, for some reason, find myself reading it from the back to front… No matter, I am thrilled with the finished product.
Warmest good wishes

Arun Moses

Simon. Great work!

Ray Frost

Hello Simon,
A bit disappointed. The book arrived today. It was slightly damaged in transit but the real disappointment was inside. I had read that you were autographing 2,000 copies. My was not autographed. Instead I had frontispiece telling me about the Hangar Project. I like Kirby’s website and have shopped there once or twice but the lack of autograph was to repeat myself, disappointing. Were all the copies he distributed not signed?
On content it’s excellent and only addition I would have asked is something on some icons such as G B Boyer. I look forward to your next issue.

Best regards,



Thanks Simon. Appreciate the clarification. I’ll take a closer look for the numbering this evening.




hi simon,
i’m really curious about your book, but it seems impossible to find GMT in shanghai. the outcome for any internet search related to “gmt” is useless… could you share more details about this store and its location?
thanks a lot,



thanks for the info .
brio is on my list of shops to visit and i’m heading to beijing soon … hope they still have books in stock and i’m able to get one there.


Calvin Chan

Hi there
Where exactly can I buy this book in London? If I don’t wish to buy online…

Malcolm Howells

I have paid for the book several weeks ago. Any idea when I’ll receive my copy?
Many thanks

Verity Papanikitas

Trying to order a copy of the permanent style 2015 book via the uk hanger project site but it will not allow me to add a copy to the cart….. Any ideas?