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Friday, February 24th 2017
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(Left to right: Elliot of General Eyewear, DaShira of The Hanger Project, Will and Amy of Fox Brothers, Richard of The Armoury, myself, James Girdwood (back), Lia of Codis Maya (front), Beatrice of Luca Faloni, Tommaso Capozzoli of Stefano Bemer, Luca Faloni, Bo and Allan of Baudoin & Lange) 

Shop detail: 'Permanent Style presents' pop-up at 34 Savile Row, running until March 11th, Tuesday to Saturday


You know how you wake up at 4am, with thoughts of bag sizes, invitations and lease contracts running round your head?

And then, how the extremely unhelpful thought occurs: What if no one comes?

What if I’m just standing there in an empty shop, with seven brand owners staring at me, for 12 days?

And that terrifying thought stops you getting back to sleep. And the same happens the next night. And the next.

Opening a shop, even for just two weeks, has been one of the most stressful things I’ve ever done.

And I didn’t even do most of the work: that credit goes to shop manager James Girdwood, who I’m surprised has had any sleep.

But today is the day.

Today we are open, and we are stocked with what has to be one of the most lovely collections of sartorial menswear anywhere.

Please come and see us. Then we can both finally get some sleep.

A few notices and updates for anyone planning to come along:

  • Following interest from readers, we will plan to be open until 7pm on Thursday. Frankly, given the trunk shows going on every Thursday, it may even be later.
  • Please note, however, that we are not open on Sunday or Monday. The brands, their staff and we need some time off.
  • Permanent Style will have available a full range of Friday Polos, our new Finest Knitwear, all four books of mine, and two very special pieces available to order. More on the last two next week.
  • Drake’s on Clifford Street have had their refurbishment delayed a week, so they will still be open the first week of our pop-up. But we have some exclusive styles still, and are bringing in more Armoury stock.
  • During the fortnight’s tenure of the shop we will be running a raffle, with prizes from the brands in the shop. Just make sure to sign up when you come.

Photography: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man

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Good luck with this splendid enterprise. Can’t wait to visit. What’s the story with the purple jacket?

Brian G

In the immortal words, great baseball film, Field of Dreams…”build it and they will come”. Both sides of the pond are anxiously awaiting the opening. Possibly you could be wrong, but not together with your long list of super stares. I just received your Friday Polo. Absolutely fabulous! Very quick exchange from medium to large. Looking forward to your “two very special pieces available to order”. Thanks for all the pics. God speed.


Congrats on getting this far and best wishes with this Simon. I hope it’s a success for both you and everyone involved.


Might be worth putting the shop location on this article because it’s not immediately obvious!

Ahmed Kadow

Good luck and all the best

Richard Jones

What a great shop. I completely forgot about this, and luckily I remembered and was in town – I just wish I hadn’t been wearing my Nike skateboarding jacket 🙂
Big thanks to James who was very helpful, and his socks are a must at just £15 a pair.
A bit star struck to speak to Simon though haha!
Baudoin & Lange slippers were incredible, I’ll definitely be back in the next 2 weeks for a pair.
What a fantastic experience, thank you Simon and everyone involved!


Looks good Simon; best of luck.

Can I suggest putting a plug in under the “SHOP” link at the top of this site’s page (with address etc.)?


Came on the shop on route to the Apple Store on Regent Street. Met Luca. Bought some beautiful shorts and a cashmere crew neck sweater. The Stefano Bemer shoes are remarkable. And, holding the UK flag high, Codis Maya … elegant artistic cufflinks. Thanks for launching the most stylish pop up in the Capital in recent memory.


Huge congratulations on setting this up. Spent a few high quality quid in the shop earlier on today. Bliss. Everyone was wonderfully friendly and it was a luxurious self-indulgence to chat about clothes and accessories with the owners. I’ve bought items online from Luca already but it was great to talk to him in person. As he says, you definitely need to do a piece on his bags!
Many thanks and well done.


Dear Simon

Congratulations, on this new venture.

Will you be at the shop either on Wednesday or Thursday of next week?




Bought both versions of the finest knitwear and couldn’t be happier. I have lots of jumpers costing 3-4 times as much (admittedly in cashmere) and I think this is superior in quality and make and feels as fine as anything from the top brands. Well done Simon


I’m looking forward to being there on Tuesday.



If this becomes a smashing success, will you consider a permanent shop?

There are fewer and fewer independents that truly showcase hard to find, original designs – even most of the “independents” merely stock their selection from the offerings of Ralph Lauren, Boss, etc…


May I ask where you got your purple jacket tailored? Are you going to be writing a post about it? Thanks.