How to buy ‘The Style Guide’

Monday, April 10th 2017
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Our new book, The Style Guide is available to buy online through Permanent Style and in 35 specialist menswear stores around the world. 

Copies will be arriving in the stores listed below on Thursday this week. Please do visit and pick up a copy if you can. 

If you can't get to a shop, you can order online through the Permanent Style shop

The stores that will be stocking The Style Guide are:

  • Australia
    • Melbourne: Christian Kimber
    • Melbourne: Double Monk
    • Sydney: Double Monk
  • Belgium, Brussels:
    • Degand
  • China:
    • Beijing: Brio
    • Beijing: Sartorial
    • Shanghai: NOOS
  • France:
    • Paris: Cifonelli (bespoke)
    • Online: Beige
  • Germany, Hannover:
    • Michael Jondral
  • Hong Kong:
    • The Armoury
    • Attire House
  • Italy, Florence:
    • Shibumi
  • Japan, Tokyo:
    • Bryceland's & Co
  • Korea, Seoul:
    • Unipair
  • Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur:
    • WJ & Co
  • Russia, Moscow:
    • L'Ago D'Oro
  • Singapore:
    • Kevin Seah
  • Sweden, Stockholm:
    • Papercut
    • Skoaktiebolaget
  • Taiwan, Taipei:
    • Oak Room
  • Thailand, Bangkok:
    • Decorum
    • Sprezzatura Eleganza
  • UK, London:
    • Anderson & Sheppard
    • Drake's
    • Edward Green
    • Fenwick of Bond Street
    • Private White VC
    • Trunk Clothiers
  • US:
    • Chicago: Leffot
    • Denver: Beckett & Robb
    • New York: The Armoury
    • New York: Leffot
    • Provo: Beckett & Robb
    • Salt Lake City: Beckett & Robb
    • San Francisco: Beckett & Robb
    • Seattle: Beckett & Robb
    • Online: The Hanger Project


As with our post last week, here are some extracts from the book to whet the appetite - this time from the 'casual' chapter. 


The scarf as handkerchief

Michael Drake

  • A mixture of blues, all just about different enough to provide variation in the upper half.
  • A scarf stuffed into the pocket can function almost as well as a pocket handkerchief in adding a touch of style – and it looks rather more casual.
  • Simple workwear jackets, like this in French blue, are often a good avenue to explore for sartorial men looking for casual alternatives. Green M-65 jackets are another example.


Wear tailored summer trousers

Adam Rogers

  • The contrast between tailored, well-fitted trousers and spilling-out linen shirt.
  • The very classic tortoiseshell-coloured glasses.
  • The summery colour combination of white and green (no colonial-feeling tan or cream linen in sight).


The blues

Michael Browne

  • A navy long-sleeved polo is used as an anchor for the bright-blue jacket.
  • Unusually for tailoring worn with a polo shirt, the jacket is quite structured, creating more contrast between formal and casual, and therefore a slightly more showy look.
  • The navy of the coat is sufficiently darker than the polo to act as a third shade of blue.


Jamie and I hope you enjoy the book!

Photography: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man