Friends and fun at the PS anniversary Open Day

Wednesday, July 5th 2023
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For the first hour-and-a-half of our Open Day last week, no one turned up. I sat there on a bench outside the shop, considering that maybe the ‘I am 15’ badge and the birthday banner weren’t so funny after all. Maybe they were just stupid. 

Then Chris from Drake’s turned up, and had a coffee, and chatted and had a photo. Then Ryan from Bennett Winch, Jake from Niwaki, Mike from Red Rabbit, and two readers in rather nice combinations. 

By 11am it was humming, and stayed that way all day. It had been an unusual idea to have an all-day party, rather than an evening one, but the format seemed to work. People just hung out, creating a rather easy atmosphere - always 30 or 40 inside and outside, always a pleasant chatter, always a queue for Jamie’s photo studio. 

I have to say, although Lucas and I worked our socks off - and were dead on our feet by the end of the day - Jamie was the real star. 

During those eight hours from 11am to 7pm he shot over 120 portraits, of readers and industry friends, designers and visitors. Some that have their photo taken all the time (Manish, Paul) were easy; others that were being shot for the first time were a little harder. 

But Jamie made them all feel at ease. He joked, he laughed, and directed in a way that felt like the suggestion of a friend rather than the order of a photographer. It was as much part of the atmosphere as the pastries and pastéis de nata

We had a few surprise guests: I spotted reader Simon - featured here in his reader profile - on the other side of the street, over from the US. I hailed him, we caught up, and he had his photo. 

Then there was the team from Vulcanize in Japan, who were brought over by Lindsay and Nicolas at Holland & Sherry. They graciously agreed to be photographed, and frankly put us all to shame with their poise (first image below).

Perhaps the thing that pleased me most was the variety, of styles and of everything else.

It was an international crowd, with quite a few women, a mix of ages, and clothing that varied from suits to T-shirts, and every shining facet of menswear in between: polos, chores, milsurp, chukkas, good trainers and elegant knits, suede bombers and cropped jackets. I was proud to have such a stylish variety of people celebrate the anniversary. 

On that, very briefly, thanks beyond measure to everyone that congratulated us on 15 years of Permanent Style. I received it with as much good grace as I could, given I’m that typical Englishman who’s never comfortable with praise - who has to constantly fight the urge to make a joke or otherwise undermine the sentiment. 

Sitting here, now, safe in my office and away from actual people, I can say thank you once more genuinely and wholeheartedly, for all your well wishes and your hopes for 15 more great years. It meant the world, and nothing could be better motivation for going on to being bigger and better. 

Thank you. 

These photos are some of our favourites but a small minority of the total - including them all in this article would have been too much. The full set is available on this page. Please have a look for your portrait there: you should be able to open it at full size and download it if you wish. 

Feel free to re-use and tag any images, just please tag @permanentstylelondon and @jkf_man. Thank you.

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Paul Kruize

Great achievement Simon. Many happy returns!

Robert M

Great portraits. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there, but congratulations Simon on this anniversary. I think I started visiting PS around 2014, and it’s currently the only menswear source I read. You’re responsible for completely reshaping my style – for the better, of course!


Thank you for organising it Simon and Lucas, and thank you for Jamie for all the hard work and good humour. It was great chatting to you and several of your readers. It was a very stylish crowd but more importantly everyone was friendly and down to earth.

I’ve noted for myself that wearing a navy jacket, grey trousers and blue striped shirt is just about the most boring and least unique combination possible at a menswear gathering and that I should try to wear something more interesting next time (although I was dressed for work and stopped by at lunch, so at least it was authentically boring)!

Lindsay McKee

You can never look boring in a Navy jacket & grey trousers and the right shirt !!
Next jacket for me is probably dark navy …or maybe even mid-grey.


Congratulations on the 15 years of Permanent Style and best wishes for the years to come.
I may be wrong but i assume that you are wearing a suit. If yes then do casual suits made from linen, cotton etc look good without a tie because whenever i have tried pulling it off it always looked as if i have forgotten to wear a tie?


Hello Simon!
I noticed this as well and can 100% agree.
Might I ask which Suit you are wearing here? I did not immediately recognise it (which, to be honest, says something about PS as a whole. I doubt you’ll find many other places the readers are so involved they immediately notice little details and can list most of the writers wardrobe off the top of their head.)

Congrats on fifteen exciting years!

Matthew V

Great portraits!

As I said on Instagram a hideous cold and cough kept me away, very disappointed, so see you at 20! (and hopefully before that too..)

Belated congratulations Simon.


As elegant a selection of flaneurs as I have ever seen.
Bravo Simon & Happy Birthday.


What a unique, bizarre, unusual, normal, mixed, diverse, eccentric, conservative, perfectly imperfect bunch of followers we all are !
The photos are superb helped massively by that background.
I could stare at the one of the two Japanese gentleman and the lady seated for ages .
Congrats .
I love the proportions of Manish’s jkt and/to trousers .
I’m beginning to appreciate how slim fit / italian ‘tight’ isn’t always the way. i.e. beginning to appreciate ‘drape’.


Unique, bizarre, unusual, normal, mixed, diverse, eccentric, conservative, perfectly imperfect bunch” sums up the array of heartwarming portraits. Couldn’t agree more with you Robin. Thanks for summing us all up so succinctly. And it was such a joy to have been part of the celebrations. Thanks again to Simon for the devotion and discipline to continue to make PS such a force for all that is wholesome and lexicon of the best style a man can get.
And thanks to Jamie for his creative ingenuity in masterminding all these beautiful portraits. I predict after this, a new adjective: The PS man (and woman).


Congratulations on 15 years, Simon. The portraits are a great illustration of the eclectic and stylish readership you’ve fostered in that time – it’s always fun reading the comments below your articles, which is increasingly rare in the current internet landscape.


Congratulations on both the success of the day and the fifteenth birthday of permanent Style, I’m now doubly sorry I couldn’t make the gathering – aren’t friends great things!


Love the portraits. Every one of them, quite different yet equally as stylish and interesting in their own right. With the help of your website, my menswear knowledge has improved immeasurably but I guess some people have more of a natural talent and confidence where they can simply throw on anything and look incredibly stylish. Or maybe Jamie should some of the credit here… On another note, any idea when the black over shirts go on sale…?


What a wonderful collection of photos (and people). Would have loved to be there, but the commute from Copenhagen didnt allow for it.
The pictures reminds me of how much Permanentstyl has evolved – thankfully there is nothing that is permanent, that would be boring. Pictures would likely have been different 10y ago.
PS is a weekly source of inspiration and entertainment. PS is also a trusty companion in terms of the products that are a staple in my wardrobe.
Thank you. To 15 more.

Alfred N

Congratulations Simon and team, I have enjoyed this website – including the comments – for many years now and this is really quite an achievement. Great photos also!


Even though in this smartphone age one has their picture taken all of the time, standing in front of an actual photographer is completely different and a little overwhelming to me; it was like that last year when they took the pictures at work, and it was the same last Tuesday in front of Jamie… maybe I should have waited until after the beers to loosen up a bit, hahaha
Thank you for organising this and thank you for all these years of great articles and information!


Looks like you guys had a blast, next time i‘ll try to come by!

Henry E

I love these. Great source of fashion inspiration. I wonder if this could be a more regular thing – what the Permanent Style community are wearing.


I second that, really a great inspiration and it would also be really nice to have some links to their instagram/webpage if that exists 🙂

Guy W

While I have known of PS for most of your 15 years, it is roughly the past 4 years that I have become a close follower and occasional commenter. The reason for this is summed up by your line above “ that varied from suits to T-shirts, and every shining facet of menswear in between“. Obviously your articles are fantastic, but it is the diverse community you have brought together through the cultivation of an open, passionate and friendly forum which is, in my opinion, the greatest achievement. Chapeau, thanks for all your work and looking forward to many more years of PS.


Congratulations! I fully agree with all others remarking on the range of styles. Kudos to Jamie for his obvious ability to put everyone at ease

Hendy Drake

Congratulations Simon and all at PS. Still take time out from my day 3 times a week to read the latest article with a coffee and always enjoy it. Still feels like picking up a glossy stylish magazine and always refreshing in its honesty. All the best

Peter Hall

What a fabulous day .Im very sad to have missed it.

Fabulous photos. Full of fun and animation. I will be pointing my photography students in this direction. It’s a real talent to introduce this amount of character into portraits.

When you see such a well dressed group, it reinforces how much stylish people are when the cut of their clothing provides drape and movement.


Great fotos with very different styles ! Could you tell the brand of the boots on the photo 1 ? They look so nice with jeans


My personal style is closest to the bloke sitting in the middle of the top photograph. It’s depressing (but not surprising) that no one is wearing a stylish hat or cap, just the usual boring baseball caps.


Great set of images, congratulations to everyone involved!


Congratulations Simon and PS Team!
I always see Manish enjoying the most and that’s great by the way.
Can we have a future PS party here in India. A thought ?


Simon, Lucas & Jamie, thank you for a lovely experience – it was special to meet you face to face and chat to some of the PS community. I love all the portraits – they are such a celebration of not just style, but individuality and personality! Here’s to many more terrific years!


smile smile !


These portraits are fantastic. The lighting and color balance are really tasteful. Congrats on 15 years!

Ollie E.

Congrats on the anniversary Simon!

I started reading permanent style when I was 14, you inspired me to get my first (conservative) bespoke, and you’ve directed / guided all my tailoring decisions ever since.

Always love reading – you have something very special here and grateful you’ve supported / increased awareness around those who preach quality, craftsmanship and timeless design.

Here’s to you ?


Congratulations on everyone of you. And I can’t wait for more great article on PS, haha. Hope I can go to London in the future.


Wow / Awesome

Zak Wagner

Happy 15 years! I’m sure you are proud of the site and community you have created. I really enjoy your articles. I dont wear or live in an environment for much tailoring, but I love the ideas behind it and the style of it. Your writing is always a pleasure to read. Your coverage of casual clothing is also fantastic, and I think this site has really increased my own personal style. Congratulations again, and looking forward to more!


Congratulations again, Simon, and great to chat with you, albeit briefly, and other readers.

There’s so much great outfit inspiration in the portrait set. It strikes me how such full-length shots can provide an objective new perspective on fit and proportion. I thought my trousers were drape-y and wide, and my jackets on the cusp of being overlong, but both rumours were clearly exaggerated. It is immeasurably helpful, too, to compare with the fit and style of other readers (and some of the PS icons) against the same uniform backdrop. I almost feel like I’ve been given a personal Style-breakdown!


Good afternoon…congratulations on your 15th year anniversary..I wish you many many more…BRAVO and Cheers to permanent of the best of the best….peace

Tommy Mack

Sounds like a great day, sorry I couldn’t make it down. Wonderful photos too, as you note, a brilliant spectrum of great outfits on show.

Congratulations on 15 years and thanks for all the inspiration!


Congratulations Simon. What a lovely looking bunch of readers you have – relaxed yet stylish and all give the impression of being wonderfully warm and friendly. What else could you wish for?!


Many congratulations on 15 years Simon. I think I have been following you for at least 10 on them. They are wonderful happy and well taken photos. Personally I find it a bit sad that even for a special occasion like 15 years the vast majority of people are very casually dressed. I am not trying to be negative and rain on a great event. It’s just an observation from someone whose taste is more classic although it’s increasingly difficult to wear without feeling like the odd man (person) out. Thanks again for all you do and have done.


Who do you think should be the James Bond tailor?



Ralph Cunningham

Congratulations, Simon. Quite an achievement to keep Permanent Style going for 15 years.


Congratulations to all the team


Hi Simon, belated congratulations. You have worked hard (80% of which I expect is behind the scenes) and deserve your success. Thank you for introducing me to new brands and shops – it’d be worth it for The Real McCoys and Clutch Cafe alone – and all those technical articles!
Wishing you all the very best for the future.

Tom Higgins

Dear Simon, That looks like it was such a nice event, which doesn’t surprise me, as you create a very nice atmosphere in the PS environment. If I don’t always agree with some of your style choices, I always understand them (I’m a little allergic to Edward Sexton’s treatment of coat and jacket shoulders, let’s not go back to the 1970’s, wonderful tailor though he certainly is). I notice your shift from tailored clothing to tailored clothing plus other stuff, and think that is right, although I am far too old to go down the tailoring and trainer route. But I live in France, where men have long been mixing suits with polo or T-shirts – just look at the 1950s films with Jean Gabin, and then the 1960s and 1970s ones with Alain Delon. France is very also much under the influence of Marcello Mastroianni (not a bad style icon) and those Italian films from the 1960s and 70s. But there is a lot about French style that I don’t like – for example its very skinny, close cut (although I’m a thin man). But more so, its details, that tend to be flashy (to a British eye). I’ve watched a number of videos by Hugo of Sartorial Talks. Hugo has an engaging manner as an interviewer, and is a neighbour of mine in Burgundy , though we don’t know each other (yet). I also know that you have met him, as I’ve seen pictures of you together at fashion or tailoring events. There was one video in which he specifically insisted, in English, that “PERMANENT STYLE” does not exist. I wonder it that was a point of divergence between you and Hugo? H.used the precise words “I can tell you, permanent style does not exist”. Hugo does a good job basically, but French style is less close to English style (which it often tries to imitate) than Italian style. Which imitates British style, with Italian add-ins, better. By the way, I hate Berluti shoes, even if some are okay.


It was an absolute pleasure to be there and please keep up the wonderful work. Thanks to you and Jamie for the fun and pictures.

Tom in New Hampshire USA

As always, Simon, I find your work not only informative, but useful. The portraits give a remarkably wide set of options for navigating this new world of post suit and tie. I am in my early 70s, but still working as much as ever, and figuring out what is appropriate is important so I do not present myself as a dinosaur resistant to change. Some looks work for me, and some don’t, but that is and has been part of your message for the years I have been reading PS. Thank you and congratulations on the milestone. I intend to keep reading and hopefully evolve my wardrobe and age as gracefully as I can.

Tom in New Hampshire USA

The older gents, of course, primarily. Secondarily, I looked at how a suit or blazer or good sportscoat can be worn without a tie and still look tailored, or dressed for the occasion, instead of looking like the wearer just finished a round of basketball or mucking out the barn. I also noticed that good, well tended shoes were in abundance. But I even grudgingly admit that some folks looked great without any tailored pieces at all. Your reader Simon is a case in point. I would not dress like him, but he looks “dressed”. In general, I enjoyed the sheer variety in addition to my specific interests.


Maybe next year I will cross the pond and show up, all the Best going forward.

Kevin Tan

Congratulations on 15 years, Simon!
I started reading the blog around late 2008 or early 2009, so can’t say I was there from the beginning. But I remember when articles couldn’t even be scrolled down and were only 3 paragraphs (some paragraphs were 2 sentences!).
Looking forward to the next 15.
Cheers from Manila.

Tim Jackson

Congratulations. A fabulous looking event. The portraits are fantastic. A wonderful diverse selection of people comfortable in their own choice of styles. Sums up perfectly the philosophy of Permanent Style for me.
The portraits remind me of a regular feature in the wonderful L’Etiquette magazine. Not a bad thing at all…
Keep on keeping on…


Such great looks! And so well captured. A wonderful testament to the influence you have had on so many Simon.


I agree with all of the kudos for the the styling, the photography, the clothing. Understated yet brilliant, so much of it. Simon, perhaps you could consider doing a sort of “How to dress like my friends at the Anniversary day” post on it. I was particularly taken by the casual jackets/overshirts and the interesting shades of green and blue. I’m guessing it’s not just Jamie’s filters that make those shades seem so nicely chosen.


A couple of questions: Lucas (photos 5, 12, & 32 of 126 in the full set) and the guy in photo 118 are wearing what appears to be the same sort of crocheted undershirt. What are the tees/undershirts they are wearing and would you wear something like that?


Now that you’ve told me they’re wearing cellular vests, which I’ve not heard of before, a quick google gets me to vests on Sunspel’s website, which says Sunspel developed the “unique cellular fabric” they also call Q14 in 1914. The vests I now see offered by Scott Fraser and also by Marks and Spencer are apparently Sunspel knockoffs using slightly different fabrics. Here in the US I don’t see cellular vests offered by other companies, and those three companies don’t do much business here, so I conclude that cellular vests are a British thing and remain essentially unworn in the US. Some Americans would definitely have old-man associations with vests (we call them tank tops), especially white ones, plain or ribbed, worn as undershirts. Baby boomers like me can recall our grandfathers wearing them. But I think Americans would associate cellular vests less with old men, compared to plain or ribbed vests. We’ve seen old men wearing plain or ribbed vests but we’ve never seen cellular vests on anyone. Other American readers might have a different view. In any event, because I am in fact an old man, I probably shouldn’t worry either way!


It was good to see you and chat, Simon – and many happy returns again!

In case you remember – the lunch I was going to straight-after, was….somewhat successful ?


Hi Simon, any info on the tote bag this man was carrying?


So many faces, so much texture, so much style.

I’ll take one more opportunity to say a big congratulations on 15 Simon, here’s to the next 15. I love what PS has become and continues to, from the shop offering pieces impossible to find elsewhere, to the coverage, and the center piece, your writing! A beautiful, safe, welcoming corner of the internet. A serious personal achievement, well done man.


Hi Simon congratulations on the 15 year anniversary. It was great to meet you and Jamie at the event and have a chat.


Congratulations Simon what an accomplishment.
The portraits are an inspiration. Gladly surprised at how many classic Gucci horsebit loafers there are. Is this a thing now?