Working in the magazine industry, it has always startled me that there is no men’s magazine catering to an interest in style. 

There’s a rank of men’s magazines that contains style features – GQ, Esquire, Arena – but that’s only a few pages. The rest is filled with normal lad’s mag fodder: a cursory summary of new movies, books, music, plus some girls. And a lot of the style coverage is either ridiculously expensive (a recent GQ featured a photo shoot of Loro Piana sweaters ranging from £500 to £2000) or is done through photo shoots where you can’t even see the clothes. 

The second rank of magazines has come out recently and is dedicated to fashion, not style – GQ Style, Arena Homme Plus. How many men (not boys) do you know that follow fashion and the catwalks? That are quite happy to wear something for six months and then throw it away as untrendy? 

There’s nothing in between as far as I can tell. Something that is all about style and takes a practical look at men’s clothes: where you can get designer clothes at high-street prices; which of the labels offer the best value for money; how to tell if your off-the-peg suit fits you; colour combinations and style leaders. Basically, much of what is done for women’s style, but for men. 

If anyone finds anything along these lines, please tell me. Plus, if anyone has a few hundred thousand pounds and wants to invest in a start-up magazine, I might be interested. (The only recent discovery is the Arena Big Black Book, but that is only published once a year, in the US.)