Thank you to all those who ordered with the first run of Permanent Style Tweed. Here are some pictures of your cloth being woven, up at Breanish in Port Ness, Lewis.

There will be a second run, with a deadline to be determined but probably in around two months. Orders can of course be taken at any time though.

I hope everyone likes their tweed!

Beaming (to create the warp)
Tying in (putting the warp on the loom)
Loading a shuttleKaren about to start weaving (on Bertha)
Close up with needles in focus
The finished bolt
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Crack You Whip

Very interesting!

Tailor Dan

How much of the fabric are you making and is it done all on that machine or are you going to do a more commercial amount later?

James Marwood

My Tweed landed yesterday, and was taken to Graham Browne this morning. Simple jacket, with some felt under the collar and curved pockets, with the pseudo-patch stitching Simon write about a while back.

The plan for an additional waistcoat has been scuppered as the Duchess has decided she wants a skirt in it 🙂

A lovely touch was the small label and CD with images and video which arrived today. I’m thinking of printing these and mounting them along with a small piece of the fabric, the certificate and a photo of the finished product.

Nameless One

Simon: any closeup pictures of the tweed? How does one orders a jacket length of it?