It seems to be raining recognition at the moment. Today The Times published a list of the top 15 men’s style websites. Permanent Style was number one, with other recommendations including great sites such as Mr Porter, HypeBeast, StyleSalvage and Selectism.

Dylan Jones, who picked the five that included us, said “Simon Crompton is particularly strong on Savile Row, tailoring and the bespoke process”.
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Congratulations. what was the full list?


It was actually number 36 in my copy of the Times. Have you slipped ?

Oliver Gibson

Couldn’t agree more, keep up the good work!

paul van der hart

Congrats! Well deserved!


Congratulations! I have enjoyed reading the blog so far. Unfortunately many blogs (also about menswear) become more and more interesting for companies and their product placement. Bloggers get influenced by that and since there is no independent redaction… blogs no longer represent the critical voice, which the reader aka customer could identify himself with when it all started. Blogs have become business. I find it still very interesting to follow them, but a grain of salt is needed. For me blogs should represent a little reader’s eyes and voice, not the companies’. This is just a general remark on the blog-o-world from an interested reader, hope that is okay.


Hi Smon,
Bravo!!!Personally, I am not surprised at all!
I understand now why you haven’t got time to reply to my mail sent two days ago…