At the Monocle Summer Fayre this weekend. Monocle’s quirky and intelligent selection of partners and products was on display, as well as some rather fetching goats.

It was also the opening day of Trunk Labs: a new branch of Trunk Clothiers a few doors down on Chiltern Street. The focus is on accessories, luggage and homeware, though the aesthetic is perhaps better defined by the textures of brassware and brown paper.

Wearing an Albam sweatshirt with Hermes scarf at the neck, dark-green chinos and cream-coloured trainers from Common Projects (above).  

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Now that is a casual look. Taking notes on this one.

Could you please share your opinion on shorts for summer? I understand they are a no-no for sartorially inclined men, but is it that clear cut?


Simon, this is definitely a change from your usual jacket / suit cladded look, also nice to see a normal shorts approach. Could you share why you went with the Common Projects rather than some other brand (not sure which though)? I’ve been thinking of buying a pair, but having held them in my hands, I’m not so sure they could last more than a couple of years (also not so crazy about the low front which tends to butcher the front of my toes).