Just a reminder that this is the second week of ordering for our grey edition of the Dartmoor sweater – a limited-edition, exclusive collaboration between Permanent Style and John Smedley, and the perfect knitwear for tailoring. 

I know last time many readers missed the first post and as a result missed the opportunity to order.

For background on the new, silver Dartmoor, see the original post here

And orders can be made through the appropriate John Smedley sites in:

Rest of Europe 
Rest of the world

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Henk van der Zwan

I bought a blue Dartmoor sweater from the first series last year. I have worn it several times with great pleasure and satisfaction. The fit is absolutely superb. Recently I discovered however that the collar has become undone. The stitching with which the collar is attached to the body of the sweater has started to unravel. Is there any way that I might send it back to the manufacturer to have it re-attached?
regards, Henk

John C Vesey

Are you planning another offering with offering? They produce wonderful shirts and pull-overs.


Dear Simon,

I am sorry to bother you but I do not know who else to ask about this. I missed both runs of the dartmoor and now regret having no proper polos. I have a difficult body to fit, as my shoulders are quite broad (easily a 48) but the rest of my body is quite narrow (torso a 46). Buying knitwear from ready to wear brands in a 48 means a good shoulder fit but a baggy body, while buying a 46 means I get a nice snug fit but end up with tears in the neck or shoulder seam at some inevitable point. In the end, a proper fit means so much to me that I usually buy a 46. But I am reluctant to spend serious money on such a time-limited investment. Since it sounds like the dartmoor would have been perfect for me, do you have any other recommendations for polos that might suit my needs? Do you have any experience with the Loro Piana cashmere polos? Are they worth the upcharge? Thank you for your help.


Thanks Simon. I live in the States and only get to London on occasion, so the Anderson & Sheppard knits are mostly inaccessable. I’ll look into Loro Piana MTM, although at roughly $1000 for a cashmere polo, and thus $1300 for the MTM version, it’s hard to justify; especially with John Smedley offerings a fifth to a quarter of that price. Any knowledge of Doriani, an Italian brand carried by Mr. Porter?