Al Bazar Milan

I’ve known Lino Ieluzzi, the proprietor of Al Bazar in Milan, for a few years now and always admired his style. I wouldn’t wear it; I wouldn’t recommend it; but it is unique, personal and consistent. The worst thing about so-called peacocks at Pitti is slavish mimicry, rather than a lack of taste. You couldn’t accuse Lino of the former.

The same goes for his shop. Much of it isn’t to my taste, but the pieces that are I will travel to buy. How many shops in the world can you still say that about?

Al Bazar Milan polo shirt

Almost all the clothing in Al Bazar has been designed by Lino to a greater or lesser extent. The tailoring uses a tweaked block – slimmer, obviously – and many cloths that he came up with himself. That translates into bigger and bolder, with bright and exploded checks a particular favourite.

Of course I don’t buy the tailoring. And many of Lino’s original creations, such as his varsity-style leather jackets, aren’t for me. But I have worn the long-sleeved polo shirts (above) for years. Lino designed them originally with Italian shirtmaker Guy Rover, and they now come in dozens of colours and a couple of different weights. The higher collar and closely buttoned sleeve were designed to be worn with tailoring.

Al Bazar Milan sweater

I am now having polo shirts made bespoke by Satriano Cinque, but remain a big fan of Al Bazar’s knitwear. The cut is slim – “asciutto” or “dry” – and again suits tailoring as a result. My favourites are the cashmere hoodies (in navy, biscuit and three shades of grey, above) and zip-neck styles with leather elbow patches. 

Always worth a visit.

Al Bazar Milan Lino Ieluzzi

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I love that top picture


top picture – i like the jacket/tie/pocket square combo



I was hoping for a classic ‘thumbs up’ shot with you and Lino, linking two icons of the Internet sartorial scene. No luck?


Hi Simon,

Just wondered if you could recommend some interesting shops in Rme as you have done in the past for Milan?



Meant to say Rome – not Rme


This article sums up the antithesis of this blog, it may be closer to the HTSI!


Always was wondering which maker does Al Bazar’s tailoring?


“Of course I dont buy the tailoring.” I find the comment glib ( similar to how you dismissed Paul Stuart ) and you do yourself and the blog a disservice. A stereotypical approach, even when supposedly grounded in quality, is rarely helpful. The simple question that arises is “why ?”


The tailoring of the DB-blazers are done by Caruso, with mostly carlo barbera fabrics


what polo size do you buy?


Thank you Simon!