Well-known British caricaturist Jonathan Cusick recently sent me this cartoon, done as part of a series on men’s fashion (others linked to below).

It’s not the most flattering I’ve had, but I suppose a caricature isn’t really meant to be. At least the Anderson & Sheppard suit looks good. 









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nick inkster

I think it is really great; caricature is the essence of approximation and exaggeration.
I got Tom Ford on the right, and am guessing William Hague in the middle (?), but have no clue about the left. Any thoughts?


I think if the subject really likes a cartoon the cartoonist hasn’t done their job properly!


Hi Simon, fyi still having problems viewing some images (blurry, out of focus), I’ve noticed that others have occassionally mentioned this. Not all images are blurry so it may be the image type or source, last set of similar image were the Galsworthy book pages – are they related in file type? Most other images are OK. Have tried both the desktop and mobile versions – both are blurry. I have read that you are using WordPress so I have attached a link to some info that might help.

facebook_Dave Carter.100006486555358

Don’t worry Simon – you’re much better looking than your caricature suggests!


Almost as flattering as a pair of J.Adler’s.


It looks good Simon. It’s a good job he didn’t draw you with the bottom button of your jacket done up. If he’d done that then I think you’d probably have had to take legal action against him for deformation of character.

– Julian