Simon Crompton in Solito jacket knitted tie

Wow. Over 400 emails in the past five days. Four hundred requests for first editions of The Finest Menswear in the World, often with wonderful notes of appreciation – not just for personalising this book but for Permanent Style in general.

I never thought we would get near the 500 limit. And I would be slightly regretting the offer of personalisation – with visions of book stacks and an aching wrist – were it not for the lovely comments that have accompanied some of the requests.

I’m sure they won’t mind if I reproduce some of them here. They included:

  • Thank you so much for dedicating every book. It will take a while but I promise you it is appreciated!
  • You should know how valued Permanent Style is, particularly your balance and willingness to write both good and bad reviews
  • Many thanks for all your hard work. There isn’t much good dressing in Oakland and books like this, as well as the site, are how we fight against the flood

Many of the books were bought as gifts, which is nice. There were presents for brothers, boyfriends, fiancés, sons, fathers. One requested the dedication: “Your father couldn’t afford to buy you the contents, so he thought he’d get you the book.”

Many dedications were rallying cries to good style. One reader asked: “I would be grateful if you could sign the book under a simple message that I have come across in your writing recently: One should give the basic impression of being well dressed, but nothing more.”

Some left it up to me: “I just would like something, that – when I open the book 20 years from now on – will leave a little grin on my face and make me say: ‘Simon already knew it – I still had to find out myself’.”

And others had no specific wishes: “Anything is fine. What’s important for me is that the author who spent months, years on this project leave a track of the “sweat” of his labour.”

I’ve learnt that James wears his Rapha gloves for riding in Mallorca; that Ben is super-pleased with his first suit from Elia Caliendo; and that John is anxiously awaiting his meeting with Simone Abbarchi.

Thank you, one and all. To VYL, to the Hogtown Rake, and to Savile Row’s unofficial ambassador to Kentucky. You make it, and you make it all worth it.

A few things to clarify that people have also asked about:

  • More than 500 books are being printed. There will be several thousand, available in book shops worldwide. 
  • This is entirely different to Permanent Style 2015, the self-published book we put out in May, which is still available here. This new book is being produced by international publisher Thames & Hudson.
  • The Finest Menswear in the World is available from September 14. Pre-orders now will be paid for at the beginning of September, and delivered then. 
  • When ordering, please let me know your address and any dedication. Payment details will be sent in September.

Image top: At Drake’s, in my green-and-black checked jacket from Solito, blue shirt from Luca Avitabile and black knitted-silk tie