When I was a teenager, we went on holiday to New York as a family. And although I looked in many shops, particularly the Rhinelander Mansion, it was Paul Stuart that I loved the most. 

Ralph Lauren was a lot more polished; I’d probably have said it was cooler. But Paul Stuart felt like a proper men’s store.

There were shelves upon shelves of ties, all arranged by colour – as if to show that they had every possible shade. There were deferential sales staff – all a touch older and clearly experienced, with their own sense of style. And it went on forever, upstairs and down. 

My favourite experience was having a pair of trousers altered (everything had unfinished legs, obviously). You stood in a large, high-ceilinged, multi-mirrored room. At least two men (possibly more) hovered around me. You stood on a dais, for God’s sake. It was wonderful.



This was the general gist of the speech I gave at the Paul Stuart store two weeks ago in New York, where we held an event for readers to come and have their copies of Permanent Style 2015, The Finest Menswear in the World, and Best of British, signed. 

I continued by saying how anxious and awed I was all those years ago. And how incredible it seems to me now, that the same shop is holding an event in my name. 

It is humbling, and I thank Paul Stuart for their support with all my heart. 





Paul Stuart, by the way, hasn’t changed in all that time. There’s a good deal more edge to the clothing – thanks to Ralph Auriemma, first with Phineas Cole and now with the Paul Stuart mainline. But the set-up is the same, the staff the same, and that awesome fitting room just the same. 

Every man should visit. 

I am wearing:







The infamous Paul Stuart bear coat….
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Daniel Thomas

Hello Simon, Stores which may mot be too polished, even a little old fashioned, always seem to be more interesting. There is the thought you may discover something unexpected..Increasingly retailers seem to go for the wooden floor look/bare walls look with bits of clothing “artfully” displayed. I like to have a bit of a root around when I go in a shop without being made to feel I’ve disturbed the displays.

Matt S

I take it you haven’t been to Paul Stuart. It’s a very polished store, it’s just polished in a different way from the Ralph Lauren mansion. Paul Stuart is about the clothes while the Ralph Lauren mansion is about the space. Everything at Paul Stuart is so perfectly displayed and logically arranged. It’s old-fashioned in its concept on having so much available, between the types of products, the amount of colours and sizes they’re available in, and the service you get. But you don’t feel like you’re in an old-fashioned store in Paul Stuart.

Matt S

I’m glad I was able to stop by and meet you!


Hi Simon
This was a great initiative! I just have a question: as you travel, meeting people from various corners, presumably quite all readers of PS, do you nonetheless sense or feel differences in style from country to country?
I also travel a bit. And from time to time, I see someone and think this guy might well be a PS reader or has at least once heard of it.


I think so too. Be sure, we all would be excited by what you would have to say!

Reuven Lax

My first time at Paul Stuart I was also amazed by the store and the selection. I didn’t buy much that time – a polo and some socks (they have quite the selection!). A week later an envelope showed up at my door. A handwritten note from the salesman who sold me those socks! Now that’s service.


I just love Paul Stuart. The range is perfectly balanced between classic pieces and more seasonal/stylish items. It’s probably the only department store where I genuinely trust the advice of the sales staff and they don’t seem interested in just pushing for a sale regardless of whether something actually looks good on you. I really wish there were more places like it – so sad to think how many must have gone by the wayside over the last 30 years.


Simon so sorry I wasn’t able to make it (last minute change of plans had me out of town) but seems it was as spectacular as I anticipated. Next time you cross the pond hope to meet up.

J. C. A. duP. Deputy

Paul Stuart is one of the most wonderful men’s stores to exist. I have been shopping at this store for several decades…first in Chicago and now in NYC. Whenever I make the trip to NYC to my loft, I also find time to shop at Paul Stuart. I had intended to travel to NYC for this event (I received a call from one of the men’s department managers about your event) however, I had the flu and was unable to travel from Delaware. The photographs suggest it was a festive event, and I hope to find a copy of your book there to purchase upon my next trip. Thank you to Paul Stuart to host this event.


Hi Simon,
what is your opinion on blue shoes such as ?
Kind regards

Wes wp

Hello again, Simon – I always learn that you’re somewhere just after you’ve gone there. Sorry I missed meeting you. In the spirit of this post about PS – can you give me your take on buying a 100% cashmere suit. Is it impractical? I’m talking off the rack here, not bespoke or MTM. Because it’s ready made, I can’t get a second pair of trousers. I’d want to wear the suit once every two weeks or so. It’s very high quality – but what is the longevity I might expect, and, is my money better spent elsewhere (on wool, or a cashmere blend, etc.) Thanks for your thoughts

Wes wp

Even a hearty twill?

Reuven Lax

Have you ever considered using Paul Stuart’s custom tailoring service?

Michelle Schenecker

It was lovely to meet you at the book signing, what a great story to “weave” for generations to come! Always enjoy reading your blog. It gives me good direction to purchase for my husband. Bravo!