My seasonal selection on No Man Walks Alone

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Earlier this week, No Man Walks Alone published a piece I wrote for them while in New York, selecting my favourite pieces from the stacked shelves of their NY showroom. 

This is something we started with the Spring/Summer range back in May, and proved popular. It's often nice to have a different person's view on stock, particularly if that person comes with a particular philosophy and style.

Among the 10 pieces I selected this time, I'd particularly highlight the sashiko hunting jacket from Blue Blue Japan - which is the nicest iteration of the style I've seen from them - and the Eidos trousers, which now have both formal and casual versions ('Sal' and 'Sam'). 

The jacket and the Sal trousers in beige twill are pictured above and below, respectively.

You can read the full piece here



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Hi Simon,

I am glad I read this post as one of my items to get is that Valstar shearling jacket and you’ve included it as one of your picks.

Having owned no shearling jackets before; from the pictures Ive seen and people on the street, shearling jackets tends to worn roomier than your normal jacket.

Would you be able to advise how a shearling jacket like the Valstar should fit? A bit roomier or kind of tailored?



Hi Simon,

I typed in Shearling and this post came up…so I will comment on this post.

I know you have Shearling jackets but do you know any leather specialist dry cleaning? I have a brown Shearling jacket but not sure how I managed to get a few random dark ‘spots’ and ‘lines’ -some are quite big……

Do you have any tips to how to get rid of these ‘stain’s or recommend any place that can clean it?