Permanent Style trench coat: Alterations and waiting list

Tuesday, September 19th 2017
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Many thanks to everyone that bought our trench coat last week.

The response was wonderful, and as you will have been able to see, we have sold out.  

We are now putting together a waiting list, which readers can be added to my emailing us on [email protected]

There is no need to pre-pay to be on this list, but it gives us a good indication of sizes required, and those on the list will be given priority when that new run is ready. We should have more information on the timing of the run in the next week or so. 

Separately, I've also clarified a few things about alterations. 

I know that I am above average height, and that therefore the coat might be a little too long for some people. This is easy to alter, as the coat is unlined (and the removable lining considerably shorter than the full coat). 

At least 10cm can be taken off the length of the coat without causing any issues.

Private White VC offer a great service in their store for this, or it can be done by a local alterations tailor. 

The sleeves can also be shortened, but only by about 1.5cm.

More than this and the end of the sleeve gets too close to the cuff flap and will look odd. But 1.5cm will make a noticeable difference. 

Both could be options considered by those 38 people that have bought coats so far. Everyone should receive them this week. 

Lastly, Private White VC do offer both MTM and bespoke services - the former at 20% above retail price, and the latter at 70% above. With MTM you can change most sizing, widths, lengths etc. With bespoke you can basically redesign it, with different materials, pockets and so on. Contact them through their website for details. 

Thanks again. 

Photography: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man