Everyday Denim cloth available again

Tuesday, October 17th 2017
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One of the lovely things about the Everyday Denim we launched a couple of weeks ago was how quickly the cloth sold. 

It's always hard to know how well a new type of product will do, and I'd clearly underestimated the appetite for exclusive cloth to make up bespoke. 

I've talked to Albiate, and we have agreed to weave another 100 cut lengths (2 metres each). These will be available in four weeks' time, the week of November 13th. Hopefully that will sate demand for now. 

I'd ask that readers pay now, on the Shop site, so we can reserve the whole production for everyone.

Please note that we have also had to increase prices to £65 for the cut lengths, as the first batch was more of a promotional offer from Albiate. It is still cheaper than regular retail prices (as with most things on Permanent Style) - which would be around £80. 

I note that the shirts have also almost sold out, with only a few left in Medium and Extra Large.

We will product more of these too, but as it requires both a slot with Albiate and with the shirt factory in Naples, they are unlikely to be available until the New Year. 

Finally, some nice feedback so far from readers on the denim and shirts:

"I just wanted to say a very well done on your denim shirt. The look and details are wonderful but I wanted to stress one other important but sometimes overlooked point, and that is, the comfort of the cloth and collar are really exceptional. Congratulations on producing another quality item"

"I received my “everyday denim” shirt in the mail today, it is beautiful and looks even better in real life than in the (amazing) pictures."

"Hi Simon, I felt compelled to write you a personal note. The shirt arrived this week and I’m really impressed with the quality of the fabric and the workmanship. The attention to detail on the collar, cuffs and placket is outstanding. The Friday Polo was fantastic, but this shirt is something special."
For more detail on this exclusive cloth, please see the original post here
Photography: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man. Pictures taken in the Royal Arcade, London, courtesy of GJ Cleverley & Co. George Glasgow Jr, of Cleverley, pictured above
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Simon, unfortunately I received a length of cloth instead of the shirt (medium) I ordered. Grateful if you could please look into before the current run of shirts sells out.


Hi Simon – I forwarded the order number and provided the necessary information on 16 Oct. Thanks


Hi Simon,

I’m interested in purchasing the cloth, however, at this point I’m still trying to figure out whom I want to use as my shirtmaker.

Do you expect there to be future offerings of this cloth? Or is it best I buy now and hold onto it until I’m ready to get a shirt made?


Hello Simon,

would it be possible to preorder a shirt in Large from the next batch?



Hi Simon,

Is the advice for customers of Luca still to purchase a length and have it sent to him directly?

Thanks so much!


Hi Simon,
I ordered the cloth this morning and I intend to use Luca at some stage but I used my personal address for delivery. What should do you suggest?


Throughout this project a few references have been made to the Friday Polo. I hope you decide to reintroduce the white long-sleeved version in your next run. I’ve found mine extremely versatile and aside from sizing up would like to order more of the same.

Trung Mai

Second that, do we know when the next friday polo batches will be available?


Any idea when p&p refunds for orders sent to Luca will be made?


I assume I’d get a notification email from your processor? If not then it could be 5 days until the monies actually hit the account.

Either way, no signs of the monies yet, nor a reply to my email sent last week. Hopefully its just because its continuing to sell better than expected and creating a backlog.


Still no refund nor acknowledgement. Bank has suggested logging it as fraud having viewed screenshots of this which I am reluctant to do but would appreciate confirmation that the monies 3 weeks later have now been refunded


I did post it, though asked you didn’t publish it. Assumed you’d followed the request when it didn’t appear online. The order number was 1315_PS


Had chance to check yet? No refund showing and order still shows as confirmed and awaiting dispatch. Concerningly Luca hasn’t answered my email to him either.


Simon – I just got a refund notification now but its for the full amount rather than just the delivery?
Luca did resurface yesterday night and confirmed my shirt was ready to post.


My error sorry, the structure of the email is a little odd so it has a heading of Refund notification and the biggest text in the email is the original full price paid so scan reading I assumed that is what was refunded but in smaller text underneath it has the original payment method/amount and then the refunded amount (delivery amount excluding VAT)


Hi Simon, pardon the silly question, but will it be alright to leave to cloth in its delivery packet till I give it to my shirtmaker ? Thanks.


In the shop it mentions that the lengths of cloth you are selling should be sufficiently large provided you are no more than 6’3″ tall.

I am more than 6’3″ tall – any prospect of being able to purchase a slightly longer length, or are they all already cut?

Also, to the extent you are making any more Friday polos anytime soon I would be eternally grateful if you are able to offer some size mediums with longer sleeves. I’d love to get some but just can’t justify at the moment with the sleeve length issues.


More expensive, even if you took the orders in advance? It’s a fairly straightforward alteration to shorten a sleeve – whereas lengthening is impossible…

Of course, it is your call. Just a pity to have to miss out!
Thinking outside the box: if I bought a larger size of the polo, how straightforward do you think it would be to take-in the body, waist, etc? Possible? Or not really worth it?


Dane Zahorsky

Hi Simon,

Unfortunately, I’ve come to the party a bit too late and you’ve already sold out of the shirts. I don’t have access to a shirtmaker as of present so am very much hoping to double down when you produce another run. I saw that you said that may happen after the first of the year, will you sending notice in the newsletter or is there a way to stay notified when the next run is available for preorder or purchase? Stunning work, by the way, thank you for bringing the collaboration into existence!


Hi Simon,

I am really looking forward to ordering a shirt when you get the next batch.
One question, is the shirt made so that you can wear it untucked as well?
I can’t determine this from the pictures.



Hi Simon,

I had my shirt length cut made-to-measure using my own pattern from an existing bespoke shirt and unfortunately they have made an irreparable hash of it (very out of character I should add) in that the half sleeve opening is a crazy 2″ bigger than I asked for. Obviously the sleeve can be narrowed but it won’t result in the fit I was hoping for. Do you happen to have any returned shirt lengths lying around (very unlikely I know!), or failing this when, if ever, will the shirt lengths be repeated?

I look forward to visiting the pop-up shop with my father in the next few weeks, he apprenticed as a cutter at Conway Williams back in the 60’s and went on to manage the military department at Gieves & Hawkes, I know he has some fascinating stories to share if you happen to be around!



Hi Simon
I received the denim cloth and it seems it has 2 shades of blue on the two sides. Which one do you suggest to use? The shirt you wear on the pictures is made from the paler one as far as I can tell….


Damn, I missed this run too 🙁
Will there be more? This fabric looks incredible and I’d love to have a shirt made of it!


Hi, can we still order the cloth? If so how please?


Ok thank you


Is anyone else still awaiting their shirt from Luca from their order after this post? Have been told since late November that’ll it’ll be ready “for next week” but each time no shirt and no update until I chase again. Originally it was made and just hadnt been sent but then it hadn’t been made and the fabric misplaced but refound so will be ready next week (25th Jan).

Simon – don’t know if you know of any systemic problems with Luca at the moment? This whole experience is getting frustrating after circa 5 years and 20 shirts without problems this order has been a catalogue of problems.

luca avitabile

Hi Dan,
i’m terribly sorry for my bad service.
We had few problem organizing those MTO. I promise this won’t happen again.
Best regards


Hi, anything new on either the denim cloth or the timeliness of ordering a shirt? Was thatvpreviously-mentioned issue sorted out? Thanks much



Just wondering if you know when the next batch of the cloth will come out?

Thanks a lot!


Great, Thanks a lot!


Hi Simon,

is the fabric pre-washed ? Or will it shrink?