Come to the next New York Symposium – on Ivy style

Saturday, October 5th 2019
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I'm delighted to say that the next New York Symposium will be held in just under three weeks - with Alan Flusser, Sid Mashburn, Todd Snyder and Nick Sullivan.

It is on Thursday October 24th, at Town Stages in Tribeca from 6:30pm. RSVP is essential, to [email protected]

I will chair a discussion of the relevance of Ivy style - perhaps America's greatest gift to classic menswear - with the speakers.

Alan will have just published his book, the official biography of Ralph Lauren, that week, so the timing is excellent for him to talk about how Lauren shaped the image of Ivy around the world.

Sid Mashburn is, for me, at the forefront of retail in the US - and especially how its classic menswear traditions such as Ivy can be kept relevant today.

Todd Snyder will bring his long experience of design and his time at Ralph Lauren, Gap and J.Crew - and a wider and perhaps a more mainstream view.

And finally Nick Sullivan has a peerless perspective from the point of view of the media, creative director at Esquire.

As dress codes become more relaxed, but the need to dress well remains, I think Ivy style, prep and all their offshoots have a really interesting role to play. Come here us debate it.

Email [email protected] for a place.

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How often do you come to California Simon? Will you be stopping by CA on this trip?


No Bruce Boyer or Christian Chensvold (founder of the Ivy Style blog) in the line-up?

CC will be very miffed that Permanent Style is parking its tanks on his lawn!

Evan Everhart

Hi Simon,

Honestly, I’d say that either Richard Press, or Christian Chensvold would have been far better, and more appropriately informed panel members than Nick Sullivan. Esquire’s about as far from Ivy Style as it gets. Richard Press is literally a scion of one of the foundational brands within the cannon, and one which not only still exists (though no longer under family ownership), but which has remained more or less true to its roots. Even Paul Winston, or Charlie Davidson – if you could get him out of retirement – might have been extraordinary and informative on this sometimes borderline arcane topic.

That said, I would have liked to have heard the discourse if I’d been able to be in NYC around then. Oh well. I’m chained to my SoCal desk!

Evan Everhart

I will. I just wish that there would be some of the old line fellows or Mr. Chensvold as he is quite sharp on that point, that said, I also know that he’s in the midst of a move to Charleston, so perhaps that precludes his involvement, or other pre-existing claims upon his time. Alan is always great to hear, I just hope that he doesn’t show up in sweat pants or batik trousers with a double breasted pinstripe jacket and athletic shoes or driving mocs and a T shirt or something in Gore-Tex…..He’s been dressing ever more slovenly and it honestly breaks my heart to see him so regularly trashing his previous standards. But, that is a topic for another discussion, and one which would not be entirely polite. I’ll leave it at that. My best wishes go with you, Sir, upon this exciting venture and especially as this is upon one of my favorite topics!

Oh! I ordered the suit! 4 piece, double breasted sack cut, unvented, soft shouldered, high arm hole/armscye, 6 button DB 3 buttoning, rolling to 2, double boutonniere holes in a key hole style, 2 pairs of high waisted (12″ rise on my 5’7″, slim frame) flat front trousers, one for belts, one for braces, a waistcoat with a short drop, no lapels, and 6 closely spaced buttons with a relatively high rise. The jacket will havev a classic gorge and almost fish mouthed lapels, lets call them slightly droopy peaks which will be flat lined peaks when the top button is not fastened. I got a nice upgrade in fabric from the cavalry gabardine woolen, to a 12 oz I think it was mink or sable, cashmere, merino woolen serge in dark navy blue. It will be skeleton lined in blue gray satin bemberg, or silk, I don’t remember which it was. It should be ready by December or January!


I’d be interested to hear Christian talk sometime, though these days he seems to be more into theories of masculinity (Jordan Peterson et al.) and mysticism than Ivy style.

Evan Everhart

Agreed. Somewhat.

Ian A

I’m glad Alan Flusser is being featured I look forward to the video of the evening! His book dressing the man is one of the best i’ve Read on men’s style.


There might be alternative views on attendees but it was a pleasure (after using Google to find articles/interviews) to read about Christian Chensvold, Richard Press, Paul Winston and Charlie Davidson. Thanks Evan. It is one of the great things about PS – the wonderful articles are supplemented by a comments section that provides an additional seem of valuable and interesting information.