Apparently the one place you can buy the book (Le Snob: Tailoring) in English now is in Australia. On the bookshelves and online. See comments on yesterday’s post for details.

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Peter Lloyd Greer

You can find them @……

Pink Socks

Thank you for the update. I have cancelled my order from Amazon and ordered from Readings here in Melbourne (their website says they have it in stock). I am hoping it arrives before my first appointment with Tom at P Johnson Tailors. I really enjoy the website and am looking forward to the book.

Keep up the good work.


Pink Socks


As an emigre to Australia who always felt most comfortable in London in a pair of ox-blood brogues, three-piece and silk tie, I’ve really struggled with the Aussie office dress code. It seems to be open-neck shirt, suit trousers and black shoes. Anything more formal seems to be frowned upon as someone being ‘up themselves’. I gag on occasion.

Show us a third way. Please!


Stop complaining about aussie male fashion. Up until the early 80s the style of choice used to be business shirt, shorts and calf-high wool socks. And that was considered acceptable professional dress in many offices.

There’s a ‘third way’ for you!


Old post, yes. A great book though Simon – I am looking forward to your next. Any indication when it might hit the shelves?

P Johnson really are fantastic value in my opinion – they do not do bespoke however. That said, there can surely be no argument where it comes to the general standard of Australian clothing decisions – especially what passes for shoes there…