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Apart from the Liverano, a lot of those jackets look quite stiff. Would be curious to see what C&M casual pieces look like.


I just cannot, for the life of me see why anyone who claims to know anything about menswear would choose Tom Ford over Chittleborough & Morgan. Perhaps you can shine some light on it for me Simon.
What’s Francis’ position at c&m he looks very young

Dennis Nielsen

I do admire that blue and brown striped tie that the middle aged lady is wearing in your pictures. It’s just a shame her tie pin is pulling it askew and ruining the overall effect.


Yes, I thought the same myself, but the brown silk p/s works brilliantly – she’s thought that whole look through.

Ken Y

Michael’s seersucker suit is wonderful, I have tried on the jacket and it feels very special. Michael cut a beautful light blue linen and silk mix suit for me this summer and I can assure you although it may look sharp because of C&M’s cut (for exsample the legs are cut to an ‘S’ shape that follow the contours of your limbs) their suits feel anything but “Stiff”.

I belive Francis is a jnr cutter under Joe Morgan, he is a charming young man and always very stylish.

I collected two pairs of MTO shoes last weekend from G&G and looked at the display of patina’s on offer they certainly provide a very wide canvas of colour for one to express ones individuality, if you are on The Row pop in, Thomas, Neus and Stephen are very welcoming and are all extremely passionate about what G&G are doing.

Dennis – as Austin Powers would say, “that’s no lady that’s a man, man!”


To Chris and Dennis, that ‘middle-aged’ woman is a (French) man Hugo Jacomet, proprietor of ‘Parisian Gentleman’ blog amidst other things.

It did give me a laugh though.

Arthur & Henry

Oh, love the purple jacket.



Can I ask what colour trousers and shoes you’re wearing with that superb purple jacket?

Thank you