Top ten rakish men philip car

Top ten rakish men in the world  
Yes, I know there are 11 in the photo…

During Pitti Uomo back in January, Michael Jondral had the lovely idea of gathering together the 10 men that Rake Japan selected as the most rakish in the world. 

We all managed to make it to lunch at Sostanza…but not at once. Mark Cho of The Armoury was only there for the start, and Andreas Weinas of Manolo only at the end. 

So there are actually only 9 of the 10 rakish men in the group photo. We also waved in Alan of Brio (fourth from the left) and Fabio Attanasio of the Bespoke Dudes (fifth from the left). 

The 9 are, from the left: Ethan Newton (Brycelands), Kelly See (Signet), Seon Hwang (Villa del Corea), Greg Lellouche (No Man Walks Alone), Simon Crompton (Permanent Style), George Wang (Brio), Michael Jondral (Michael Jondral, the store), Gianluca Migliarotti (filmmaker), and Mark Cho (The Armoury). 

simon crompton with george wang and greg lellouche

I love this picture of George. It captures his sense of humour.  

And we had Mr Philip Carr (Saint Crispin’s), taking pictures of the rest of us…

philip car of saint crispins

Seon Hwang, moody in the low winter sunlight…

top 10 rakish men

And Andreas, back from his meeting.

andreas weinas manolo


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That light gray window pane (I think?) on Mr. Wang is very nice indeed.

+1 on the low winter sun – being well dressed on a crisp and dry winter’s morning is a wonderful feeling; boots crunching on the ground frost, cashmere scarf against the neck, overcoat draped and moving as you walk and one’s hands wrapped up in fine leather. Glorious.


Vanity thy middle name.

David Craggs

If it were a competition – Hwang has Shibumi.
Who made his suit ?


Ha! Indeed it seems that way.


Judging by the state of the chap on the far left it would appear as though you were photobombed by a passing busker!

Some very nice tailoring on display otherwise though.



I think the ‘busker’ works at the armoury!


I suspect Rake Japan does not know what the word ‘rake’ actually means: it is not somebody who dresses like a waiter; it’s the one who throws champagne into the waiter’s face and then trashes the restaurant.

David Craggs

And Hang’s suit was made by ……?


Simon, a great series of photos and made even better with the inclusion of Ethan. I was fortunate enough to meet Ethan while he was working with Mark and Alan at the Armoury Hong Kong – he did wonders for my confidence and ability to move from (ahem) “relaxed chinos” (think at least a couple of sizes too large) to feeling great in slim fitted Ring Jacket and Incotex – at the age of 50+ For those who are ever in Japan, I reccomend visiting him. D

Asif Rahman

Simon, could you give a description of what you were wearing.


I especially like Andreas’ look. Do you happen to have any idea who the maker of this suit is, Simon?

That would be great to know!

facebook_Tim De Rosen.10153020919771711

Whas it a “wake”?


Where is Andreas’ suede bag from?


2016…so, Kamoshita was not there.