*Stock is now very limited. For the current position please check the Shop page*  

The latest batch of our Friday Polos has continued to sell well, and we’re down to just a few shirts in each of the various sizes and colours. 

If any of these are your size-colour permutation, this is your last chance to get it for a few months (we plan to do another batch sometime in the summer).  You can buy them on the purchase page here.

We continue to get some really nice feedback from readers (thanks very much guys), including:

“The shirts arrived and they are superb. My ultra fashionista 16 year old daughter was actually impressed” – G

“I received the green Friday polo yesterday –  just in time for a casual Friday. It fits very well, sleeve length and collar width match exactly my measurements. This is pretty unusual because the sleeves are mostly a bit too long when ordering shirts off the rack” – K  

“I congratulate you on a superb collaboration, the construction and style are superb” – M

“I just received my Friday polo – I love it!  The fabric feels great, the cut is exactly what I was looking for (not too tight, not too loose, in all the right places), and the collar offers a very distinct look.  I wasn’t totally sure what to expect (especially ordering blind!), but I am very satisfied with the shirt. Thanks again” – B


Photos: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man

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Simon what the weight of this Caccioppoli cloth is please? Is it 250-300g? Many thanks

John Cummings

Simon, love the look of these polos. Can you give me a sense of the fit? I am a standard 15.5″ x 33″ dress shirt. With polos it varies. What do you recommend? Cheers! — John


How difficult will it be for my tailor to shorten the sleeves? ie will he destroy the handiwork? I’d wear a medium, but I like my sleeves around 60-61, rather than the 65 listed from your measurements. Thanks


What is your advice on tie width these days? I am a traditional dresser, have lots of ties acquired over 30+ years, various widths. I’d like to use as many as I can.

Given current jacket designs, what is your advise on tie width? thanks, enjoy your site.


Will you have another batch of the polos at the start of the summer as you planned?