Permanent Style trunk show: Heurtault, Amoruso, Cerrato, Lavabre Cadet

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I am very proud to say that we have a Permanent Style trunk show organised for October 5th, co-hosted with Gaziano & Girling at their Savile Row store. 

This has been a good while in the making, particularly as I was keen to bring together:

  • A range of makers, so everyone can find something of interest
  • Makers at the very top of their game
  • And products that were not available anywhere else in the UK

The result is four superb artisans:

  • Lavabre Cadet
  • Michel Heurtault
  • Serge Amoruso
    • Paris-based leather-goods artisan, little known outside Paris and Japan, but making products both unique and superb. Article coming soon, in advance of the event
  • Marco Cerrato
    • Neapolitan trouser maker, with craft and finish on a par with others in Naples and great style. Post coming soon

The plan for the day is that all four makers will be in the shop, with their product, from 11am. Please do go along if you would like to talk to them and even discuss a commission. 

Then in the evening, from 6:30pm, there will be a party to welcome our European guests. Drinks, food, and I will introduce each maker in turn, explaining what makes them special. We will also take questions from the audience. 

Lavabre Cadet glove2

Numbers are likely to be very tight in the evening, so please RSVP to [email protected] if you would like to attend. No one will be admitted that is not on the list. 

And if you would like to talk to the makers, please try and come during the day. They will have time then, but it will be very difficult to talk at any length in the evening. 

Lastly, if I may: this has been a labour of love, and I am really looking forward to bringing these four artisans to London. Please, let's show them a great welcome, and spur them to return. 

Thank you

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