Esquire names me one of the 10 most influential of 2016

Tuesday, December 6th 2016
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I have been included in a list of the Top 10 most influential men in fashion by Esquire. Which is nice. 

You can read the full article and a short interview here

I dislike the term 'influencer' - frankly if that's how you define yourself, there can't be much else going on. 

But being influential as a result of my writing is something I have always wanted to be, and it's been lovely to see that in readers in recent years. 

Readers will be familiar with most I am wearing, but to confirm:

  • Brown Harris tweed jacket from Elia Caliendo
  • Grey 'Friday Polo' from Permanent Style x Luca Avitabile
  • Cream Pardessus trousers from Elia Caliendo
  • Dark-brown monk-strap shoes from Edward Green
  • Dark-grey silk handkerchief from Tom Ford

Thanks to all at Esquire, and to Garcon Jon for the great shot.

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Might i say, you look quite handsome there. Like it or not, you are an influencer, so congratulations.

Superb items you are sporting. Though i don’t know how you could wear those very heavy trousers indoors.

I know it has been said before, your cream trousers would look infinitely better with lighter shoes and socks! Very jarring with dark socks and shoe there – especially the socks.

Michael Cook

Easily remedied situation … take off the socks and show bare ankles!


looking forward to that book on street style, simon


Hello Simon

If it wasn’t for you I would have been really clueless. I now know enough to find myself giving others advice and also occasionally picking up on some sartorial blunder someone has made! I have also found my own taste, but most of all you did the research that allowed me to meet Elia, so thank you!


Congratulations! Well deserved. You run an impeccable blog. One of the few worth following in menswear. Keep up the excellent work, Simon!


Richly deserved.Well done Simon.


Double congratulations; firstly for being recognzed for all of your work. Secondly as the only person on the list that I have heard of, I therefore question the profile of the other influencers…how many are published authors, have appeared on TV etc. David Gandy, Paul Smith etc. probably have more influence on fashion buying than any of these other ‘influencers’ …I probably sound old school but, conversely, where is Jim Chapman (one of the top 10 vloggers and the most popular UK fashion vlogger) I also give the example of Nick Wooster; one of the most followed men on Instagram. You can’t have influence without audience.

Michael H

The article is about ‘influencers’ (don’t like the term) in different fields “from fashion to film, food to photography”…most of the answers didn’t offer much insight or exhibit much depth really…maybe too much to ask in a short piece like that.


Hi Simon,

Great outfit.

Do you remember where you wrote about pairing darker socks with lighter trousers? I can’t seem to find your opinion on that on your blog…I also am wondering the rationale, at least for the socks. I always assumed that the socks should either match or be lighter than the trousers? Thanks!


Thanks for the reply, Simon.

Quick further question:

Is it ok if the sock colour is or becomes closer to matching the shoe colour? For example: would burgundy socks be ok with oxblood or burgundy colour shoes? Or would you recommend against that?

Thanks again!


Don’t know if anyone has ever brought this up before, but Simon, you have a very young and lively voice that contrasts somewhat intensely with your well-seasoned physical appearance. And this contrast is exponentially magnified in this photo…

Or maybe it’s just me?


I’m an ardent supporter of ‘The Friday Polo’ but was wondering if it is worth looking at the collar for the next production.
Keep the height, this is essential – but make the cut-away less prominent – if this makes sense ?
Well done on the article albeit I’m not a fan of lists.
Regards, David

Johann Perzi

Dear Simon, stay an independent voice, thank you and for the coming Festive Season
for you and your Family Peace

Johann Perzi / Vienna


Congratulations, Simon. I’ve been reading your blog for many years now (ever since I stumbled across it googling reviews of a Hong Kong tailor) and it’s great to see how it’s grown and developed. I always look forward to you latest posts.


Hi Simon,
Congratulations! An excellent choice for your outfit as one that best reflects P.S, style, as it were!

David lynton

I think any compliment is great , but I don’t see you as an influencer at all . You are an informer of men’s fashion , and tradition . Your attire is fat too traditional to be an informer .
Keep up the good work .

Alec Childs

Richly deserved. Like many I follow you avidly and have had the pleasure of talking to you in person.
Have a lovely Christmas and New Year.


Well done, Sir!


Congratulations from a relatively new reader. You definitely are influencing me!

Jackson Hart

Congratulations! Well, because of you, I no longer subscribe to any fashion magazine, something I did routinely and consistently until coming across your blog. I value your blog dearly, as it has increased my sartorial knowledge exponentially and made my pursuit of style an enjoyable endeavor.
Please keep it up. The “influencer” designation – intentional on your part or not – is well deserved in my book.


Desr Simon,
Happy Christmas!
Congrats on being named here, much deserved.
Reading many of your commentary on style icons, I was wandering what your take was on Prince Charles? I personally think he is a hero and champion of traditional British menswear and has been throughout his years. Also, like his father, he seems to be enjoying it thoroughly and not doing it as a royal duty or the like (note his sons who are not too sartorially inclined).


Congratulations, No.10 !
A short comparison with Esquire’s other 9 candidates for “influencing” leads me to the conclusion: I wouldn’t “follow” any of these (but PS ! And historically, besides: Scott Schuman’s streetware-blog until switched off, in favour of Instagram).
Leading me further to a personal analysis (and small laudation): what is it that makes PS so fascinating ? Even though the matter is not particular my own playground. In abstract the answer is immediately clear: it’s the carefully balanced equilibrium of aspects in contextualisation. As there are: a reflexive (same time distinctive) sensitivity, sporadically extending to semi-scientific aesthetics, semiotics and philosophy of the matter, convincingly paired with an investigative merchandise/productive knowledge and attitude of shared self-education.
This approach and open horizon seems to hold the community together (including me, following) – with probably a uniquely spent volume of continous work on your site – of authorship, organisation, representation and moderation. Iridiscent, disarming and in this (well-managed) media paradoxically innovative (likewise conservative): the pairing of balance, geek and nonchalance. PS, including the title, must have hit some point of “prospective backfolding” theme and media. What is a common design-principle, but seldom leading popular internet-sites.
And of course PS is “influential” (like education, journalism, politics) – up to concrete, distinctive (adjustive, collaborative) design-efforts on menswear, as offered in shop. But these are only consequences of the approach – which itself impossibly can’t be reduced to “influencing”. It’s more like an open, illustrative and educative book with high levels of (self-)reflexion, successfully transferred in new, participative media.
While transparently these seem unique roots of PS we hopefully enjoy further leaves,