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Friday, February 3rd 2017
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Permanent Style has never been about the numbers. 

It is about a highly engaged, (scarily) loyal, knowledgeable group of readers that want to dress well and understand quality clothing. 

But it's always nice to see that group grow. So I thought readers would like to know that last month we had our biggest ever - 482,000 pageviews across the site. 

It is truly humbling when people comment - or tell me in person - how valuable Permanent Style has been to them over the years. 

There will always be sites that are bigger than PS, but there will never be any that are quite the same. 

Thank you everyone. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Savile Row on February 24th. 


Image: An outtake for the photo shoot for our upcoming book, shot by Jamie Ferguson

Wearing donegal roll-neck and flannels by Anderson & Sheppard, boots by Edward Green and scarf by Begg x Permanent Style


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Congratulations Simon – Permanent Style is incredibly useful and much appreciated.


To be fair, at least 400,000 hits are likely to have been me drooling over the photos of your brown tweed jacket from Caliendo, but congratulation anyway.


Dear Simon

In one word “excellent.”



Jason Yeats

Congratulations Simon! I’ve enjoyed your blog since nearly the beginning, and I continue to read each and every post. At this point PS has become the central, neutral hub around which so many brands and makers revolve around. It’s been amazing to watch and I look forward to many more years of your writing.


Congratulations Simon. It feels like 2017, even at this very early stage, is quickly becoming a banner year for Permanent Style.

Your success is nothing short of what you deserve for the continued excellence of your writing and the thoughtfulness with which you present each topic. Thank you.

Oh. and another great photo! Jamie’s work is also really appreciated.


Hello Simon,

this seems to be a perfect moment to say „Thank you“. For years now, Permanent Style is my daily companion. There are always new insights, ideas and inspirations you offer to us. The frequent number of posts with high level content (including the amazing photos of Jamie Ferguson) couldn’t be prized high enough. To be honest, I wonder when you have time to do other things than writing pieces for PS. Permanent Style helped me to learn a lot about the differences between fashion and style. This really changed my point of view not only in terms of clothes but on many things that are related to craftsmanship, quality and passion. And, to be a bit dramatic, this even changed my life. It is good to see that the interest in those things is growing and people become more sensitised for quality things.

Thank you Simon and keep on going.



You’re welcome, I guess. Keep going on like that, and you can count on me.

And those boots are great.

Omar Asif

Scarf with a roll neck?


Congratulations! Happy to hear that!
No wonder that the audience is growing when you do the job better then the rest. And there are nice new functions like the trunk show calendar.
This week another style website reached an all time low by publishing a paid publication of a method for putting down weight masked as a publication about clothes care. I am happy that Permanent style is resisting such kind of advertisement.


Hi Simon,

Congratulations—and thanks for being such a great source of inspiration and guidance. I’ve been a follower of your blog for some time, and it has strongly influenced me into finally deciding to take the plunge and make my first bespoke commission. I haven’t yet decided what to start with, and which tailor it will be, but that is another matter. As this may be the start of a long and indeed costly journey, I hope you could give me some advice as to how I should plan my clothing budget.

For now, I have a yearly clothing budget of around £10,000, and in five to ten years, I should be able to up that to at least £15,000 (if my priorities hasn’t changed drastically). Given that, do you think it is justifiable to spend, say, £2,500–3,000 on a suit? (The most expensive makers are obviously ruled out.) My goal is to build a versatile wardrobe over the next ten years or so. Also, I expect all garments, even shirts and trousers, will be quite long-lived, as nothing will be used for work (I work as a general surgeon, so I’m confined to pajamas most of the time—another reason I like to dress well when I’m not working). As of now, most of what I wear off work is on the casual side of the spectrum, e.g. tweed jacket, shirt (sometimes a tie but most often not), denims or chinos and a pair of wingtip brogues. This will probably continue to be standard attire for me but my plan is to add some tailored trousers and slightly more formal jackets into my regular rotation as well. I’d like to wear suits more often as well, e.g. at the occasional work congress (aside from the usual formal events such as weddings, etc), but I won’t need a comprehensive suit wardrobe. I’m thinking a suit commission every three years will suffice. Jackets and trousers more often than that, plus shirts (shirts I am quite particular about), and the occasional overcoat.

Do you think this is reasonable within my budget restrictions? I have a pretty good wardrobe (with some obvious gaps) to start off with, which includes EG shoes and some other high quality RTW items. I will continue to buy good RTW stuff, naturally, and seek out bespoke in those areas where it makes the biggest difference. However, I acknowledge that even with careful planning, there will be some trial and error in the process and also that my style preferences will continue to evolve. Surely some commissions will be less successful than others and I have to account for that in my budget. Also, I will need to travel for fittings, so this will be some additional expense.

Appreciate any thoughts on the matter. Again, thanks for your excellent blog.



Hi Simon,
This is not surprising! There will be many more readers! The reason is quite simple: PS is still the unique kind of plateform that offers an opportunity to all those who value the best craftsmanship available today to become shapers of it state and not merely mass consumers.
The craftsmen and women whose products have been or could be reviewed in this blog deserve an unwavering support and the honnest and sound feedbacks from those who really care about their work.
Unfortunately, a great deal of bloggers are failing to do a proper job due to a sheer lack of vision as I mentioned in my previous comment. Unsurprisingly, fake or fawning reviews are widespread. Instagram, Tumblr and what have you have become a cloak under which this sheer lack of vision has easily found a refuge.
It’s really dispiriting to see how widespread is the assumption that the state of the crafts of interest to, and value by, us were irreversible, as though history of these very crafts were meaningless.
For every single day the stakes are becoming higher, it’s going to take a great deal of imagination and initiatives to … keep these crafts around. And I hope that PS will keep doing its part by upholding its commitment!


What does 428k page views actually mean? Not hi tech here


Well done Simon … you may need to update your footer the “About” footer


Dear Simon,

congratulations for your success. You really provide valuable Information.

A question that’s still in my mind. When can we expect your final report on the Charvet bespoke shirt?



Congrats…and all without the need to hold cigars or pontificate on what it means to be a gentleman (!)

Matt S

Congratulations, Simon! I’m sorry it’s not even more pageviews because I can’t find the time to log in every hour!


In the last two weeks, I have steadily worked my way through a fraction of the blog archive during my commute, having previously only dipped in occasionally for choice tips and searches. Guess that might account for 0.01% or so of your record total?

Many congratulations for your continuing success! I had my first (and so far, only) bespoke suit made at Graham Browne for my 21st, a few years ago, a purchase entirely prompted and inspired by your blog.

I very much hope to visit your pop-up during the window, however, I am youngish and aspire far too high with respect to my actual salary so I can’t necessarily commit to any serious purchases during my trip. As my GB suit no longer fits me particularly well, I will also, most likely, look quite poorly dressed compared to the majority of your readership. Fingers crossed I won’t be laughed out of the store…

Tim Fleming

I have to ask…
why describe the reader loyalty as “scary”?

Is this a slightly biting joke? Or maybe you’ve had some stalking dandies?


Hi Simon

As part of your scarily loyal readership, I enjoy reading the comments and questions of other scarily loyal readers almost as much as the main articles themselves.

Would you consider a feature where one could see which are the latest articles to have been commented upon? There’s still very useful conversations continuing on articles published 4-5 years ago but it’s very easy to miss them.

I’m sure you’ve got a very long to do list but this is one feature I’m sure would be welcomed by a lot of us.

Thanks as always!


As a new reader I want to say how much I appreciate the tone of your weblog – the world has become very harsh, and the internet seems to mirror this all too often. I really appreciate the gentleness with which you write.


Simon, my warmest congrats on this and all the recent milestones you have been enjoying. PS is the resource at which I feel most at home, which features timeless advice and fosters the most valuable reader interaction of any blog, anywhere. Very much appreciated.


We have been fans from the very beginning and look forward to your announcement that Permanent Style has seen over a million page views a month!