Friday Polo and Finest Knitwear update

Tuesday, March 21st 2017
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Many thanks to everyone for the response to The Finest Knitwear since it went on sale, and to the continuing popularity of the Friday Polos

Stock is running short, with just 28 pieces left and crewneck the most popular style.

The style/size combinations now sold out are Small Crewneck, Small V-neck, Medium Crewneck, Large V-neck and Large Crewneck.

All others are still available. 

On the Friday Polos, we have 38 pieces left from this most recent - and much larger - run.

Brown and navy have generally been the most popular, but while these continue to sell quickly, it is Medium Navy, Medium GreenLarge NavyLarge Grey and Large Green that are now sold out. 

There will further batches of both knitwear and polos, but not until the Autumn. 

As per usual, orders should be made through the Shop page. Please specify your size, style and/or colour in the Order Notes.


Photos here: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man





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Andy Lo

You’ve mentioned before how you might start producing XS should they be successful…. With both selling out, any concrete plans to produce XS in both the friday polo and finest knit?


Just received delivery of my crew neck and it is truly spectacular. So fine and soft in a perfect slim fit. Looking forward to more colours in the future.


I’m curious the best method of ironing the Friday Polo, or any piqué shirt. My instinct is to use a very low heat (to avoid that shine high heat sometimes gives) and to use steam, but to separate the layers to avoid wrinkles. Any tips appreciated. I’ve been washing them on the warm setting and laying flat on a rack.


Hi Simon,

Do you know anything about the brand/manufacturer Svevo Parma ( Their website looks pretty good. I originally found them because of an article in Plaza Uomo about them being an underwear manufacturer but there is nothing on their site about underwear.