Special order for Friday Polos ends tomorrow

Tuesday, July 11th 2017
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The two-week period for placing special orders of our Friday Polos ends tomorrow. 

So if you are planning to take advantage of the opportunity to order one in any colour or size (including XS and XXL) please do so by midnight tomorrow UK time. 

Thank you everyone that has ordered so far. Your polos will go into production on Thursday and should be ready to ship within two weeks. 

Details on the special order are on our original post here.

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Dan G

Hi Simon – I placed an order for a green long sleeve polo and received (today) a grey version, which I imagine was shipped out quickly because you had stock. Wondering what my options are? Can I just re-order a green and send back the grey for a credit? Many thanks, Dan

Dan G

Thanks very much Simon. Where might I find your email?

Kind regards,


Hi Simon,
I enjoy your blog very much. Thank you for sharing your expertise. Any chance there will be another run for those of us that missed out? Thanks.

GS Douville

Dear Simon,

I would like to get in contact with you or the ressource person about the friday csual polo.
I own a shop in Montréal Canada and i would like to know if it can be possible to import them.




Hey simon, I’m deciding between a navy or green for my next order of a polo. I’m thinking of wearing the polo under your ‘finest knitwear’ crew neck with a brown or navy sports coat. Which do you think would be more suitable option?


Thanks Simon. Hmmm… I was initially thinking of wearing that particular combination as a smart casual look in colder climate. Would you say that a slightly thicker crew neck would work or would a sleeveless cardigan work better given the absence of sleeves over the polo?

Jeffrey B Swearingen


I am an appreciative supporter, but I have some (hopefully) constructive feedback on the Friday long sleeve polos – the crow’s feet stitching is a nice touch but may not be as practical on the sleeve as both of my cuff buttons are coming loose after only 5 or 6 wears.


Very thoughtful, but not necessary, I just wanted to register the observation in case others were reporting the same. I just re-sewed them – a true amateur job!


Hey Simon do you have any experience with Anglo Italian polos? If not, would you intend to purchase and review them in future?


Hi Simon,

Just wondering when a next batch of the original long-sleeved polos will be available?